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Platinum PIA Award Winner.

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Sometimes the notion is to defer job creation to the established entrepreneurs without realizing our own inner and outer capabilities.

LCR believes that claiming the mindset of being an opportunity creator is what is needed for success in our current economy and explores this through their NYC workshop series Lights Camera Read at the New York Public Library as well as their email newsletter.

Create Your Own Opportunities





“If literate Western man were really interested in
preserving the most creative aspects of his civilization,
he would not cower in his ivory tower bemoaning change
but would plunge himself into the vortex of electric
technology and, by understanding it, dictate his new
environment - turn the ivory tower into the control tower.”

- Marshall McLuhan, 1969

Grand Central Library
135 East 46th Street
New York, NY 10017 - Fully Wheel Chair Accessible

The message is one of empowerment, that rather than becoming fixated on the often frustrating undertaking of finding a job or keeping your current one, you can often get better results by educating yourself about entrepreneurism as a tool for vocation.

This approach makes you more proactive so that you can actually create opportunities instead of having to wait around for them.

The Lights Camera Read volunteer group of artists and entrepreneurs was formed in 2008 which lead to the first Platinum PIAs Awards in 2010 without sponsorship. And now with their Platinum PIAs partner Dramatics NYC and other local businesses, the awards program is growing at a rapid rate.

Platinum PIAs:
Recognizing the arts and science of building communication.

Lights Camera Read:
Create and Be Published.

When someone either creates content or is the subject of a content creator, he or she becomes eligible for nomination for the Platinum PIAs - the community awards show of educational media and the beauty arts.