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Your Mission and Vision

This week's Art Gush online course that we are creating is on the topic of your vision and mission. Therefore we are going to focus this blog entry in that direction as well. If you have a nonprofit organization, having a vision and mission is vital, but even if you run a for-profit business, a [...]

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Discover Your Audience with John Yianni Stamas

Discovering who your audience is, is a critical step but how do you do it? This is the question being raised in the first of 9 installments that we are currently working on for our latest Art Gush online course series entitled "How to Create a Web Publication." Figuring out who your demographic is and [...]

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How to Find Your Soulmate

Quite some time back we made a feature film that was originally released episodically on cable television. We also created a soulmate campaign to promote the project. Since in our newsletter we've been talking a lot lately about introverts and extroverts, we figured we'd bring back the soulmate quiz which is based on the personality [...]

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Platinum Pias Feedback

Last week we asked NYC Make a Difference newsletter readers to give us their feedback about whether or not the Platinum Pias Community Awards Show for Artists should become an online-only event so people all over the world can participate more easily. Your responses were unexpected and interesting. Many of you clicked through from last [...]

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Platinum Pias: should they be Online only?

We've been getting feedback from those who do not live in (or have easy access to) New York City that they would like to participate in the Platinum Pias process more. It's true that holding the Platinum Pias Community Awards Show in Manhattan, the Big Apple, precludes the involvement in some facets of those who [...]

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