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Your Creative Goals in 2018

We are writing this shortly before the New Year. Chances are some of you are thinking about the New Year and maybe even making resolutions in regards to your creative pursuits. They say that the way to stay true to your resolutions is not through willpower but rather to be grateful for what you have. [...]

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Who’s Your Audience?

As we've stated in the past, knowing who your audience is as well as how to reach them are two of the most important things to be aware of when advancing your career as an artist. For some, their audience is much like themselves, they are in a sense their own demographic. For others their [...]

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Would You Want to Make a Movie?

Regardless of the kind of artist you are (writer, actor, painter etc.) due to advances in technology it's easier than ever to be able to make and distribute a motion picture. But why would a creative who is not a filmmaker want to create a film? It could be for reasons of artistic exploration or [...]

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Digital Distribution Options

How to Sell a Movie: Course 3 of 7 - Digital Movie Distribution Options As of this writing, there are a lot of filmmakers who want to be on Netflix. Unfortunately - also at this moment - Netflix is one of the most challenging of the digital movie distribution options to get on. First off [...]

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