lights-camera-read-four-aspectsThe four aspects of Lights Camera Read reach over 15,000 actors and artists monthly with a message of hope for the arts and making a difference! Lights Camera Read is a nonprofit umbrella-based organization that was created in 2009 to facilitate filmmaking and writing workshops at various branches of the New York Public Library. This evolved into an entity with the mission to empower actors and other artists to make a difference in their communities through the use of (1) arts education, (2) artistic works, (3) recognition and (4) visibility building.

(1) Arts education  is done through the online Art Gush Digital Filmmaking Program at (2) Artistic works in progress include the feature length movie “Thrillumentary” at (3) Recognition for artists is done in conjunction with the Platinum Pias Community Awards Show (since 2010) at And (4) visibility building for artists and arts topics occurs via the Lights Camera Read Blog Alliance at reaching thousands monthly!

(1) The Art Gush Method of Digital Filmmaking is inspired by observational work that the Lights Camera Read founder did for three years of Francis Coppola when he was working on his Electronic Cinema system in the early eighties. The all-new technique developed by our founder involves no crew, no budget, can be filmed with a mobile phone and was designed primarily for actors wanting to fund, make, market and distribute motion pictures to showcase their work that makes a difference in their communities. The Art Gush methodology involves three steps a day – spending around half an hour per day – to make a feature film in under two years.

(2) The film “Thrillumentary”  is about a man on the fence about “making a difference,” who must solve a murder to get his community back on track. Although the picture doesn’t have any stars in it, the thing that makes the project unique is that it is being done as a demonstration tool of the Art Gush Method of Digital Filmmaking. Also, the making of the movie is being documented weekly by the “NYC Make a Difference” newsletter at

(3) The Platinum Pias Community Awards Show features actors and artists who have made a difference in their communities. Each year in April a community of actors and artists gather to celebrate their cohorts regarding their work from the year before. Platinum Pia categories include “Actors Making a Difference,” “Musicians Making a Difference,” “Teaching Artists Making a Difference” and “Pop Icons Making a Difference.”

(4) The Lights Camera Read Blog Alliance consists of over twenty five blogs that create videos and write about arts education and artistic works as well as funding, making, marketing and distributing movies today. Lights Camera Read is the keystone blog and is often the trendsetter for the other blogs. The philosophy of the alliance is that actors and artists deserve a voice to discuss their learning process and creative projects.

Lights Camera Read is always on the lookout for emerging and established artists who are making a difference in their communities. If you are such an artist or know of one, please feel free to contact Lights Camera Read regarding one or more of the four areas (1) Art Gush scholarships, (2) “Thrillumentary” participation, (3) Platinum Pias nominations or (4) Lights Camera Read blog articles. This will help Lights Camera Read to fulfill its mission to empower actors and other artists to make a difference in their communities.