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The mission of Lights Camera Read is to help "starving artists" to become artist entrepreneurs.

Publish Your Own Amazon Kindle eBook

Publishing your own Amazon Kindle eBook is a lot easier than you might think. Why publish an Amazon Kindle eBook? It can be helpful for your career. If you are an artist - especially an introvert artist - here's a way you can establish yourself as an expert and help people at the same time. Do [...]

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Introvert Artists and Steps

Steps and artists - especially introvert artists - why are steps important? The transition from "Starving Artist" to "Artist Entrepreneur" can be especially challenging for introverts. People have asked me, how is it possible for an introvert artist such as myself to do traditionally "extrovert activities" like make a web series ("Thrillumentary"), produce an annual [...]

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Market Your Creativity

Between our blogs and newsletter, we reach over 15,000 artists monthly which is a lot of creative people who potentially would be interested in the topic "Market Your Creativity." There are a series of three questions you can ask yourself in order to market your creativity. These questions can be found below. For many of [...]

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Artist Introvert Revolution

What is the Artist Introvert Revolution or A.I.R.? It is an informal collective of introverted artists who believe that because of the evolution of technology that the time has come for the mantle to be passed from the extroverts to the introverts in the arts. It's also a group that follows the Lights Camera Read [...]

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Here is what you asked for

We present you with the newsletter reader award for outstanding participation in helping us with an informal survey. Hello everyone. Thank you for the overwhelming response to our question last week "What would you like to see more of?" It seems to have been a fairly balanced response. There were people in each category including [...]

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What would you like to see more of?

It is important to us at Lights Camera Read that this newsletter be of interest to you and maybe even provide you with some value. Therefore we would appreciate it if you would give us a return message on the topic "What would you like to see more of?" Would you like to see more [...]

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Platinum Pias Nominees

Do you know a creative individual who is making a difference in her or his community or around the world thus far in 2017? We're talking about artists of all kinds - actors, writers, painters, filmmakers and so forth. Yes, it's that time again. Time to begin thinking about the nominations for the 2018 Platinum [...]

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John Yianni Stamas Talks About Artist Steps

Artist steps are steps you can take to stop being a starving artist. There are a lot of steps but the Artist Steps process per Art Gush for example, allows you to move at the easy pace of just three steps a day. This means that if you follow the program and are successful in [...]

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How to Raise Funds for a Creative Project

Do you have a creative project you'd like to get funding for? There are basically two ways of going about this - the for-profit method and the nonprofit approach. Both are workable and depend on the unique needs of your project. Both require a certain amount of business acumen, which you as an artist entrepreneur should [...]

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Celebify Yourself

Celebify to us means to celebrate artists who are making a difference and to help them to stop being starving artists. That's also a key aspect of our mission at Lights Camera Read. Last week we asked you if you thought "Movie Process" was a good alternative name for the new direction our organization is [...]

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