Coming soon to the library is an amazing 8 week workshop where students will learn exploratory reading, writing, campaigning and digital communication arts skills to empower them to succeed. The digital communication arts skills learned can be applied to achieving goals including getting into college, acquiring a job, starting a business and just generally have the confident and positive outlook of being a problem solver and solution provider

The workshop teaches you how to enter the writing contest "You can't borrow honey from a zombie because..." And through the process of campaigning to win the Pia the student will learn incredible strategies of self promotion. These strategies include promoting your story through journalism blogging as well as by interviewing and becoming inspired by role models, achievers and celebrities like Justin Tuck.

It's Show Time!
Zombies LIVE (undead)

Have a Scary New Year
(scary great that is!)

open mic

Teens and Magic Neighbors of all ages don't miss seeing contestants live in yet another form of campaigning to win the Pia, which consists of LCR TC participants as their zombified selves performing in an open mic event where they read their stories out loud while simultaneously actors perform alongside them acting out the tale. This event is entitled "Zombies LIVE (undead).

The actors acting out the stories are from the emerging talent ensemble division of the prestigious Magic Neighbors theater troupe. These emerging thespians are themselves pursuing a Platinum Pia. This Pia is known as the Magic Neighbors Troupe Pia.

This Pia is presented to those who start out in the emerging talent ensemble and then are awarded the opportunity to work alongside the professional company consisting of top celebrities, role models and achievers. This performance is at The Platinum Pias Awards and consists of a dramatization of the winning Lights Camera Read Teen Central grand prize story winner.

  • Presenting Digital Communication Arts Workshops to help you achieve your goals and dreams including to win the prestigious Platinum Pias Poem or Short. The winner of this Pia will have his or her work performed by the Magic Neighbors troupe at the Platinum Pias Awards. Want to know the latest regarding Lights Camera Read in the build to the Platinum Pias Awards?
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    Watch Justin Tuck of the New York Giants talk about the process of writing his children's book "Home Field Advantage" as well as giving tips to those entering to win the Lights Camera Read short story or poem Platinum Pias Award.
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    The program is open to those with varying ability because the lessons are customized to the aptitude of the individual student. The approach is that of teaching interpretive reading, writing and campaigning skills through ongoing digital communiation arts contests and workshops.

    LCR TC Brief Overview

    Workshops available to help you with the creative process:

    A. Write and submit your Lights Camera Read Teen Central story (inspired by a book).

    B. Campaign to win by getting positive reviews of your story on Review Me NYC.

    C. Maybe you'll win the Platinum Pias Award and have your story performed by the prestigious Magic Neighbors troupe at the Pias during Summer Reading NYC (more details below)

    1. Lights

    The student writes a short story inspired by a book expressed through a cast of fictional or real life characters to answer the question "You Can't Borrow Honey from a Zombie because..." and enters his or her original tale or poem at

    2. Camera

    The teen gets experience with digital video production by working on a student crew and asking questions of New York City celebrities and achievers interviewed on camera, such as Justin Tuck of the New York Giants.

    Then the video interview is put online as a part of an internet magazine in conjunction with a student group written article about the experience.

    The article documents participation in working with the crew that includes other students who are entering his or her stories also into the Lights Camera Read Teen Central contest.

    Additionally, in the article, each time a student is mentioned who is involved with the contest and workshops, there is a link to his or her story.

    Articles and videos appear in one or more of the over 70 internet publications of the network.

    And the writer of the winning story receives a Lights Camera Read Teen Central Platinum Pia as well.

    Plus at the Platinum Pias Awards in conjunction with Summer Reading NYC, the winning tale is performed and dramatized by NYC celebrities, actors and achievers from the prestigious Magic Neighbors Professional Troupe.

    3. Read

    The student learns campaign strategies to achieve results that can also be used for college, jobs, entrepreneur ism and other opportunities. In this case the goal is to win the LCR TC Pia so the participant implements a variety of promotional activities.

    These activities include

    - OPEN MIC
    to perform his or her story in open mic performances with Magic Neighbors Emerging Talent
    to mobilize social media and sponsorship/support of local neighborhood businesses
    to drive internet traffic to the celebrity video and article thereby subsequently having the students' fans, family members and associates link to and leave a positive review of his or her tale.

    It is on the Review Me NYC site that members of the public leave reviews and testimonials. Through this process the student learns that in order to win or achieve goals, he or she needs to take action and have a part in creating his or her own opportunities. This is the thread, philosophy and result sought throughout the Lights Camera Read Teen Central Program

The student learns that in order to win or achieve goals, he or she needs to take action and have a part in creating his or her own opportunities. Lights Camera Read Teen Central, now in its third year, provides training on how to have the insights of a media personality whether you prefer to be on screen or off.

Through the process of entering and promoting his or her involvement in a contest, the student learns fundamental visibility building and entrepreneurial strategies for goal achievement. Goal achievement principles learned can be applied to getting accepted to college, acquiring a job, starting a business or even just having an outlook everyday of confidence and feeling able to create opportunities out of obstacles.

One of the themes of the digital communication arts workshop series is to help end cyberbullying.