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John Yianni Stamas Talks About Artist Steps

steps-red-carpetArtist steps are steps you can take to stop being a starving artist. There are a lot of steps but the Artist Steps process per Art Gush for example, allows you to move at the easy pace of just three steps a day. This means that if you follow the program and are successful in sticking to it, you can take your artistic career to a whole new level.There are many variations on the Art Steps procedure, but in particular, the Art Gush Method of Digital Filmmaking, has the strategy that helps you fund, make, market and distribute a web series and then movie (web series strung together) to showcase your art. Whether you are a performing, film or fine artist, this technique may be a good fit for you to acquire funding for your project as well as providing you with a living wage.

The great thing about Art Gush and its Artist Steps is that by making a web series you build in a reason for promoting your art while the web series is being developed. And then when the 27 webisodes are released weekly, you have 27 reasons to again build visibility for your art. True, it takes a lot of work and concentration, but the good news is that now more than ever creating using digital tools is widely accessible and simple.

These days, anyone can make a movie. And who wouldn’t want a web series and movie that promotes their art while they sleep? For actors, webisodes can feature them performing. The same goes for dancers and so forth. While filmmakers have the chance to successfully make a feature film in a whole new way. Other art forms – for example painters and sculptors – can place their art in the frame and build a story around it. This goes for musicians and all other artists. The plot tells the story of your art while it enters the viewer’s consciousness.

Does this mean artists need to become filmmakers? In a sense yes, but you can always collaborate with someone who knows how to film and edit to do that stuff for you. Plus other things like music (if you’re not a composer or musician) can easily be gotten from other sources from those who want to showcase their work. But don’t be intimidated, the Art Gush approach allows you to film with your cell phone involving no crew and can be done, if need be, on virtually no budget.

And you don’t have a script? No problem. The Art Gush template method of writing allows you to write a script in a series of steps. And because you “write to shoot” there is no need for a script supervisor. Because you have used the Art Gush approach to write your script, shooting it is a breeze.

The way the Art Gush membership site works is that the filmmakers of the film “Thrillumentary” do three steps a day and then post what they have done successfully so others can do it. But because all the steps are archived you can start anywhere in the process to fund, make, market and distribute your web series and movie. As of this writing “Thrillumentary” is in the process of being made and there are plans for a sequel. This will mean the filmmakers will start the new series and continue to document their process. The “Thrillumentary” filmmakers are generally a week ahead of those following their steps.



How to Raise Funds for a Creative Project

think-outside-the-boxDo you have a creative project you’d like to get funding for? There are basically two ways of going about this – the for-profit method and the nonprofit approach. Both are workable and depend on the unique needs of your project. Both require a certain amount of business acumen, which you as an artist entrepreneur should always be striving for. Also, both tactics involve forming entities, so you should get the advice of a good attorney who does this kind of thing (since we’re not lawyers).

The for-profit model works well if your project looks like it is going to be profitable. Then you can, in good conscience, involve investors. To get investors these days requires having taken the project down a path so to speak wherein it has shown it can make a profit. This may sound like catch 22 – how do you make money to show investors you’re making money if you don’t have investors in the first place? If this is true of your project you may want to consider the nonprofit technique.

Nonprofit basically means you have a 501(c)(3) status or you have gotten a nonprofit umbrella (fiscal sponsorship) from an organization that does. Going with an umbrella can be a good choice if you are just starting out and means you can accept grants and donations, plus your donors get a tax write-off. This is the preferred process for doing movies in the current times, since it’s tough to make good with investors on the for-profit method. Though, in the case of a movie or any other kind of creative project, if you go the non profit route you need to make sure it it has a noble cause such as social justice.


Celebify Yourself

Celebify to us means to celebrate artists who are making a difference and to help them to stop being starving artists.

That’s also a key aspect of our mission at Lights Camera Read.

Last week we asked you if you thought “Movie Process” was a good alternative name for the new direction our organization is taking which now has an emphasis on filmmaking.

First off, thanks to everyone who responded. Getting your feedback is extremely helpful. Surprising to us was that most of you did not like the term “Movie Process.” We got responses like “It leaves me cold.”

So we are providing you with another possible title which is “Celebify.” Do you like that name? Let us know!

Also, we are in the thick of shooting “Thrillumentary” using the Art Gush three-steps-a-day approach.

So far so good but the weather for filming has not always been cooperative. What do we do? Forge ahead and make it a “rainy day scene” instead!

In other words, when your are engaged in the starving artist transformation process, you can make challenges into lemonade!

May today get you one step closer to not being a starving artist!