Platinum PIAs

Getting Ready for the Platinum PIAs in the Cloud

This is going to be very brief. Yes we know, we haven’t been updating this blog as often as we may like, but it’s not like we haven’t been very busy. We’ve joined forces with to organize the 10th Annual Platinum PIAs Community Awards Show in the cloud. If you don’t know about ArtisticPreneur is all about you should really check them out. For one thing they are much better than we are when it comes to updating their blog as seen here. Also, they are a very interesting organization. They study the intersection of a person being both “Artistic” and “Entrepreneurial” at the same time or in other words being an “ArtisticPreneur.” Yes we realize that there is nothing new about mentioning the concept of being an ArtisticPreneur, at least not with our regular readers. But now more than ever, with the way things are going in this country, we feel it is important that any person who is interested in making her or his career in the arts, that ArtisticPreneur is a must “check it out” site. Well, that’s all for now. We did say this was going to be very brief. But we promise to come back sooner than a couple of months next time when we’ll update you on the PIAs. Goodbye and all the best!