What’s Your Elevator Pitch?

We want to hear YOUR elevator pitch!

The Challenges of Managing Multiple Websites

It’s been challenging to say the least to update on a daily basis the more than 30 client and in house websites that I manage. And now with the new website USAcreate, we have more sites than ever.

Finding the Motivation

But I’m starting to find an uber motivated way to get the job done. I’m trying to develop content that I would find useful and therefore hopefully the reader also will find interesting and useful.

Your Life is Your Inspiration

Additionally, I am “monetizing” and/or “leveraging” my life both personally and professionally. In acting class you learn the concept that if you feel it, the audience is more likely to feel it. But it’s a hard thing to pull off. Though, I am not backing off from the challenge.

Elevator Pitches

Here is an example of an update at Entertainment Entrepreneurship for those in that space. The topic is elevator speeches. Having a good elevator speech can make the difference between getting or not getting someone as your customer, client or fan.

What’s YOUR Story?

What’s your story? We want to know because with our over 30 websites on the World Wide Web, we’re constantly looking for interesting content. What’s your elevator speech?