More on Lights Camera Read Around the USA

This is the Ghouse Center’s Take on the LCR Program.

They ask:

Have you ever read a book and then seen the movie? Were your expectations met? Join us as we highlight books made into movies, or books we want made into movies?

How do You Win?

Each time you check out a book we will give you a due date bookmark with the date your book is due stamped on it.

When you finish the book fill out the back of the card and return it to the media center.

Each card is an entry into our monthly drawings and the final drawing at the end of the year for a Kindle Fire.  The more you read the more chances to win.

Here is Another Interpretation of the Lights Camera Read Program

The Polk Schools’ PDF Writes:

“Lights, Camera, Read!” PROGRAM OVERVIEW Lights,  Camera,  Read!,  is  a  program  that  is  a  cross-curricular  and  engaging program for students to create digital  stories  in  the  classroom.  After  students  complete  their  first  project,  they will be eager to find more ways to produce more digital stories. I know that’s  how  my  students  reacted.  The  Lights, Camera, Read! program brings the  art  of  digital  storytelling  to  life  and  ready  to  adapt  in  classes.

So regardless of where Lights Camera Read manifests as a concept, the relationship between books and digital media is cemented.