Art Gush Digital Filmmaking


Here at Lights Camera Read (producers of the Platinum Pias Community Awards Show for Artists) we are truly excited about the Art Gush educational website and its impact on the digital filmmaking scene.

Because of our Media Space NYC cooperative of vlogs and blogs, we can include Art Gush as a part of the NYC message of hope for the arts that reaches over 120,000 a month.

Art Gush is a unique membership site which documents the behind-the-scenes of the making of “Thrillumentary,” the mystery thriller, from concept to creation to distribution and marketing.

The lessons are broken down into weekly courses that in turn are further reduced to 3 steps a day. Art Gush is considered a breakthrough method of thriller digital filmmaking where the student can make a feature film in 3 steps a day, working most days only 1 to 2 hours.

Art Gush empowers the user to be able, through organizational strategies, to easily wear more hats on the production and therefore keep costs down. These roles include producer, director, writer, editor, actor, composer, marketer and distributor.

Art Gush makes it all simple for the student who has at least some background in filmmaking or the arts and is good with computers!

Many of the Art Gush users who are making their own feature length films are on this email list and as always we welcome feedback from those who are in the trenches.

By Lights Camera Read

The mission of Lights Camera Read is to help "starving artists" to become artist entrepreneurs.