Artists: Get More Fans Using Mobile Marketing

mobile-marketing-emailHello Creatives of many different art forms. In our continuing quest to use digital media to promote your artistic work and broaden your audience, we bring you now mobile marketing.

• Technology has changed our attention span so that it is now very short. This means you must make your message clear in an instant, especially when reaching mobile users. Get your message down to one sentence.

• How will you craft your message so it is understood right away? As mentioned, a mobile message needs to be quick and simple. How can you condense your message even further so it can be conveyed in just a few words?

• You have created a “Heading” so now add more to your mobile message under the byline. Does the text you are adding match the short version of your message?

• Today over 80 percent of consumers are concerned with mobile marketing. Because of this we need to analyze what are the things that are important to customers?

• Research the best possible email marketing solutions and choose one, next writing it down.

• Set up your email marketing solution.

• Test your email marketing solution.

• Figure out first message that you will send to your audience.

• When thinking about mobile you want to make sure that your offer is in line with their interest. People are annoyed when your message is not aligned with their interest. Is your message aligned with their interest?

• If message is not aligned with their interest, change it.

• Make sure that the benefit is attractive to them, whether the benefit is out of fear or desire – fixing fear or giving a way to realize their desire. Decide on which tactic and rewrite accordingly.

• You have to realize that a certain percent of your audience is going to be marketing immune, not moved by your mobile messages. So make sure your message or series of messages build to something your prospect can get excited about.

• So you need to be relevant with the right message, for the right person at the right moment. Put yourself in their shoes – does the message truly appeal to your demographic?

• Finalize your message.

• In doing your mobile marketing, if you get customer to your landing page you want to make sure it converts. Work on copy (text) of “sales letter” you will use on landing page to get reader to sign up for your newsletter.

• Test text on audience member of your demographic if you can.

• Is your tactic clear? Is the “sales letter” coming from place of either desire or fear? If not one of these then strengthen message.

• Consider giving your demographic something in exchange for signing up for your newsletter. Decide on instantly downloadable eBook that you want customer to get in exchange for email.

• When writing eBook (or getting someone to write eBook), think of it as an info product based on desire or fear of your prospect.

• Finalize your eBook product

By Lights Camera Read

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