10 ArtisticPreneur Promotion Tips

10 Tips

Your Top 10 Tips for Getting More New Customers, Clients and Fans.

If you skipped ahead and looked at the 10 tips below, you probably noticed that they start with #11 and not #1. There’s a reason for this which is that last week The first 10 tips (making it 20 in all) were placed online by our friends at DigiComArts last week. So if you want to get the first 10 tips you can go here.

Now for the second 10 tips, please scroll down. Enjoy!

Tip #11 – Reach Out to iTunes Podcasts

• If you haven’t visited these sites yet, check out iTunes for lists of podcasts. Pick the top 100 or so that relate to your niche.
• You want to then contact them via email and thank them for the value they provide.
• Ask them if they are looking for other guests.
• You can include a link to your information that relates to their podcast.
• You could even email them a PDF about what you do.

Tip #12 – Approaching Broadcasters (including iTunes)

• In approaching the various broadcasters you want to think in terms of permission marketing.
• Don’t automatically expect to go on their show by asking them flat out to be on their show.
• Query instead with wondering if they do accept guests and can you be helpful with content that relates and will enhance their program.
• Remember to stress the benefits to them about what you do but do not be pushy.
• The idea is to get on their program which means they will likely link to your information which gives you very important backlinks.
• If you have done this client building process thus so successfully then out of a hundred requests you should get 20 or so.

Tip #13 – Make Your Blog List

• When beginning to approach blogs – a process that is a bit more involved – be sure to refresh your keywords.
• What kinds of concepts came into play when you appeared on peoples’ podcasts?
• This will give you ideas on which way to go with keywords, so fine tune your list.
• Your list should be 200 to 300 blog URLs that are a good fit for what you do.

Tip #14 – Contact Blogs

• Now that you have the list it is time to seek out the blogs.
• You contact the blog owner in much the same way that you would with the podcasts.
• You let the blog owner know that you can bring value to her or his blog.

Tip #15 – Your Bio

• You will then work with those blog owners who have accepted your offer by writing a really informative and useful blog post.
• You need to create a bio for this which is a simple description of who you are and what you do.
• Your bio should also include a mention at the end with a link that leads the viewer to your website because of the offer of a free eBook.

Tip #16 – Consider using a Virtual Assistant

• Let’s face it, contacting podcasts and blogs requires a lot of work.
• So a possible strategy you might consider is getting what is known as a VA or Virtual Assistant.
• You can hire such a person at freelancer sites and she or he can help you with using your message to contact the podcast and blog owners regarding the possible booking of you as a guest.
• Your VA will of course include your email so you personally will receive the responses.
• When getting responses you take over at that point.

Tip #17 – Reach out to YouTubers

• When contacting the YouTube channels, consider using your VA to do the actual reaching out with your message for YouTubers.
• The message consists of asking the YouTuber to do a collaboration with you.
• Obviously, you can do this process best if you have a YouTube channel yourself.
• If you do not have a YouTube channel you can offer to the YouTuber some other kind of promotional exchange such as a link to them in your blog.

Tip #18 – Get on the Stage where Your Audience Already is

• Remember it’s not about you solo building an audience but rather getting your message in front of those who already have an audience.
• There are literally millions and millions of audience members out there, so it is up to you to stand on stage where they already are.
• This means working smarter not harder.
• Finding the people with media outlets is the “where” and using a VA to get your message to them is the “how.”

Tip #19 – The List for Directly Contacting Potential Clients

• Which brings us to another method, that of going direct to the client.
• You want to search on a search engine the keywords that your future CLIENTS are trying to use to attract others to them.
• And once you do a search, make note of who are buying ads on the search engine for those specific keywords.
• Next make a list of those people.
• Note: the folks who buy ads to be found are more likely to ultimately become your clients because the act of them buying ads shows they are interested in being involved with the promotional process.

Tip #20 – More on Directly Contacting a Future Client

• Prior we talked about finding those who buy ads. You want to be sure to search Google, Facebook, Instagram and so forth for this.
• You then want to do a hard evaluation of yourself with questions like “Who are these people and what can I do for them?”
• Do you have elements in your portfolio that shows them that you can do work for them?
• If you find businesses and brands that meet this criteria you can then email them or contact them on social media to start a dialogue about their needs.
• Be sure to include a way that they can opt out of receiving emails from you.

Introverts? What do Introverts Have to Do With Lights Camera Read?

Artist Introvert Revolution
Several of our guest bloggers are very shy. You are about to meet one of them as we learn more about the Artist Introvert Revolution!

Why Lights Camera Read is a Hub for Introverts

We’ve been asked a couple of times what introversion has to do with Lights Camera Read? The answer is that our main blogger is both an ArtisticPreneur and an introvert who saw a need to get the word out there (ironic because introverts don’t get “out there” they get “in there”) a message of hope for introverts who read Lights Camera Read. Our blogger discovered that a large portion of Lights Camera Read’s readers were not only fellow ArtisticPreneurs but were also extremely shy.

What Does Inwood Manhattan have to do with Being an Introvert?

Our main blogger doesn’t just blog for this website, she sometimes does so at the blog because she is a resident of Inwood Manhattan, a little known part of the city called “Upper Manhattan.” In fact she just put up a blog entry on the Inwood Manhattan site as seen here.

The Revolution is in Full Swing and You’re Invited (as Long as You are an Introvert)!

And as you’ve probably noticed the Lights Camera Read website has a menu item called “Artist Introvert Revolution” that leads to “The Official Page of the Artist Introvert Revolution.” Who knew, the introverts are putting together a revolution! Does that mean that us extroverts better watch out?! Chances are the introverts are not all gathering together in one place at one time because it is kind of anti-introvert to be a part of crowds. The assumption is that they are organizing their revolution online, from the safety of their homes.

Where Are We Going with This?

You know where we’re going with this of course. We’re going to interview the Introvert Blogger herself who for the sake of privacy (introverts don’t fancy publicity) we’ll call I.B. And my name is going to be L.C.R. Not because I want my identity hidden but rather because I want to make our introvert guest feel more comfortable since we’ll both be going by acronyms.

On with the Show!

L.C.R.: Hello I.B. Thanks for joining us.

I.B. My Pleasure.

Great piece on by the way.

Thanks. As an ArtisticPreneur I have a lot of love for Upper Manhattan. In some ways I’m an ambassador for it. It’s one of the reasons I volunteer on the Platinum PIAs each year, to promote downtown the idea that way up here in Inwood is a great place to live, thereby hopefully encouraging more artists of all kinds to join us.

When you say “join us” do you mean introvert artists?

[I.B. laughs]

Just because I tend to be introverted doesn’t mean I don’t like extroverts. Extrovert artists are welcome to move up here too. They’re just not invited to our introverted ArtisticPreneur club meetings.

You have club meetings?

In a manner of speaking. Contrary to popular belief, introvert artists do like to congregate sometimes. Especially if they’re ArtisticPreneurs, they share a common passion. It gives them something to talk about.

Where do you hold these meetings?

I’m not at liberty to say.

So you don’t want to do a plug saying where you meet to get more introverted ArtisticPreneurs to attend?

No. They’ll find us if they need to.


In Conclusion

What did we learn from this post? That extroverts aren’t invited to introvert meetings!

A Magician in Inwood Manhattan

Bess Houdini in Inwood Manhattan
Bess Houdini, wife of Harry Houdini, lived in Northern NYC in a neighborhood known as Inwood Manhattan.

Read the Words Directly Below for an Enhanced Experience

Please note that EVERY link in the following post goes to the exact same place which is a blog entry on the Inwood Manhattan website. We put all these links in place for your convenience so you can click whenever the spirit moves you. So if you’re feeling all tingly inside and are in the mood to click, then CLICK. Or do so later. It’s all up to you. In fact you don’t even need to click at all if you don’t feel like it. You can even stop reading this and do something else. It’s fine. This page is here for you and you only.

A Little Off the Beaten Path

Now our topic for today is a little off the beaten path. Normally we try to do blog entries that will help you get more customers, clients and fans. This is not one of those posts, though there will be a touch of ” a lesson in promotion” toward the end of this article.

A Pop Icon Makes Another Cameo

In fact in some ways it may seem repetitious because it has to do indirectly with my idol Harry Houdini (sorry). So very much can be learned from Erik Weisz (Houdini’s real name).

Only in Inwood

If you’ve been a reader of this blog for any length of time then you know that when the topic of Houdini comes up I can’t help myself but to mention again (and again) that I live in Inwood Manhattan around the corner from where Harry’s widow Bess Houdini lived out the last days of her life.

Not a Running Gag

Okay, now that I’ve gotten that out of the way it’s time for a spoiler alert. When you click on any link on this page including this one, you’ll be taken to an installment that not only mentions Houdini but also yet again informs you of the Bess Houdini and Inwood connection!

Marketing, Marketing, Where is the Marketing?

I promised at the beginning of this blog entry that I would have an eensy weensy tad of learning about marketing at the end of this post. And well, it’s nearing the end of the post so it’s time.

What is the lesson in marketing? The lesson is that one of the best forms of marketing but one of the hardest to make happen is “Word of Mouth Marketing” and since I’m a big fan of Houdini’s and am sharing my fandom thoughts with you. Well. It’s a form of word of mouth marketing in motion! I’m actually acting as a willing and able promotional conduit for the man who is buried in Queens and had a brownstone in Harlem.

Okay. Now we are truly at the finish line so I guess I should really get going. All the best to you dear reader and internet adventurer. Oh. Here’s a link to a post about a guy (who shall remain unnamed) who could hold his breath for more than 3 minutes before it became a “thing.”

If you haven’t yet, feel free to “dive right into this link.” Or this one. Or this one. Or even this one. It’ll be a pleasant experience, sort of like deja vu but definitely not Jamais vu!

Entertainment Entrepreneurship


Entertainment Entrepreneurship is the New Norm
Entertainment Entrepreneurship is the New Norm

There was a blog entry recently on the site regarding the topic of, what else, Entertainment Entrepreneurship and the belief that there’s no business that’s not in show business. The post on Entertainment Entrepreneurship can be found here. Lights Camera Read agrees with the belief that there is no business that’s not in show business and recognizes the greater potential for success if one’s blog and business borrows from this concept.

Entertainment Entrepreneurship – There’s No Business that’s NOT in Show Business

Get More Customers, Clients and Fans with Entertainment Entrepreneurship

If you are an entertainer or an artist or even a small business owner, you can benefit from the Entertainment Entrepreneurship gold rush pandemonium that empowers you to get more customers, clients and fans. The suggestion is to start a blog on which you can then load up with Entertainment Entrepreneurship elements including catchy videos, animated gifs and quizzes.

Steps to Getting New Customers, Clients and Fans

Video Film Web Components Can Entertain Your Customers

To develop your blog there are many free options as well as paid ones such as the video producing, web designing, digital marketing and blogging services offered at Video Film Web. Although Video Film Web as a company officially closed in 2013, its website is still online and acts (Entertainment Entrepreneurship pun intended) as a hub for finding freelancers who can help you build your blog with Entertainment Entrepreneurship components.

About Creative People in Business Who Create Community Through Media

You Need a BigFoot Zombie (Figuratively Not Literally)

Let’s face it, we live in an era of the very short attention span known as ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder). Many of us spend an awful lot of time on our cell phones seeking instant gratification or some form of entertainment or affirmation. There are those who believe that we are addicted to our phones. Therefore if you build an Entertainment Entrepreneurship type blog, you’re going to want to be sure that it is mobile friendly as well as keeps your readers engaged. A suggestion is to surprise them by throwing in the occasional BigFoot Zombie or Loch Ness Monster.

Stamas Bros Deny Photo is of the Loch Ness Monster also Known as Nessie of the Scottish Highlands

Yes, it’s Come to This

An interesting side note is that statistically speaking, most of you reading this article on the subject matter of Entertainment Entrepreneurship will not even make it to this, the second to the last paragraph. You might have, with all earnesty, started reading this but then may have stopped doing so because we lost your attention. So sorry. So we’re going to add an animated gif right now to hopefully reignite your interest or at least draw your attention to this area in case you are about to leave this page. For those of you who made it this far, good job!

Is your business ready for the video, film and web paparazzi?
Is your business ready for the video, film and web paparazzi?

CTA or Call to Action

And as long as we are on the topic of keeping readers reading, we want to add the importance of CTA or Call to Action. Every blog entry should have this. It consists of asking your reader to do something toward the end of your post. In our case we want to encourage you to contact Video Film Web regarding their very affordable video producing, web designing, digital marketing and blogging services. So right here is a link to the contact page of the Video Film Web website. Or, here is the link to the Lights Camera Read contact form if you are an introvert.

ArtisticPreneur and the Art Gush and Lights Camera Read Connection

artists-in-controlWe get asked, what our connection is with Art Gush. Here now is the answer. Lights Camera Read for several years produced DigiComArts workshops at the New York Public Library in branches including Inwood, Morrisania, Grand Central and Columbus. While creating these workshops the decision was made to do online versions of them, hence Art Gush was formed. Lights Camera Read continued to produce educational installments but now on the Art Gush platform which as of this writing now has nearly 100 courses. Due to the fact that the mission of Art Gush was to help creatives become ArtisticPreneurs the site was established.

ArtisticPreneurs is a safe place for ArtisticPreneurs to learn what it means to be an ArtisticPreneur.

Guerrilla Entrepreneurship Final Installment

art-gush-presents-guerrilla-entrepreneurshipAs most of you know, Lights Camera Read members are the producers of the Art Gush online education website. We started this site as a way for artists of all kinds – including musicians, writers, filmmakers etc. – to learn that latest techniques of pursuing a career in the arts.

One of our most successful undertakings at Art Gush has been the Guerrilla Entrepreneurship series which just put up its last installment of 7. We believe that Guerrilla Entrepreneurship is the future method for creatives to make their way in the world of creativity. Guerrilla Entrepreneurship means being proactive in regards to one’s career and not waiting around for opportunities to happen buy creating them instead.

We’ve been asked what the next Art Gush topic is going to be that will be discussed at NYC Create. The next Art Gush course series is going to be “How to Make Money as an Artist.”

“How to Make Money as an Artist” will consist of 6 consecutive education modules at Art Gush and will be an in depth look at this very real problem that many artists face. A lot of folks believe that an artist cannot and should not be involved in the business side of her or his career. We here at Lights Camera Read disagree. We feel that artists no longer have the luxury of being able to create and then have their work sold by a third party. The market is too over crowded for this to work anymore, especially for emerging creators. Therefore the answer is for the artistic person to don the hat also of being an entrepreneur or the hybrid vocation which is that of artisticpreneur.

The “How to Make Money as an Artist” series at Art Gush will explore techniques for becoming an artisticpreneur and will be a must read for anyone who is thinking of becoming a professional artist. Plus, as usual, you will get weekly bullet point previews of the Art Gush content at the NYC Create blog.

Are you a creator?

nyccreateAre you a creator? Are you an artisticpreneur? Then you might be interested in NYC Create. NYC Create is the “rebranding” of this website (Lights Camera Read) and the newsletter “NYC Make a Difference.” It was developed to simplify for the user the benefit of being able to learn more about how to promote her or his artistic career and build her or his audience. As you likely already know, having an audience is the most important thing that you can do for yourself as a creator. When you have an audience it means you have negotiation power as well as have an entity to be able to market to. A perfect example of this kind of success can be seen i modern day politics. Just be sure not to use your power for evil! NYC Create gets you on the good track with a newsletter that shows you step by step techniques for taking your creative career to the next level!

John Yianni Stamas talks about the Platinum PIAs 2018 & Guerrilla Entrepreneurship

guerrilla_entrepreneurship_1_of_7_art_gush_blog_newsletterHello ArtisticPreneurs.

Here at Lights Camera Read we’ve received several emails and phone calls regarding folks wanting to know when the next Platinum PIAs (2018) will be occurring. You’re in luck because in this blog entry we’re going to detail that, as well as will be bringing you information regarding a brand new 7 part DIY series on Guerrilla Entrepreneurship.

First off, for those who were not yet aware of this, the Platinum Pias 2018 will be expanding the scope of its audience and judging policies by being broadcast internet-only in a secret selection process. This means that ANYONE who is subscribed to the “NYC Make a Difference” newsletter can be a judge.

If you would like to be able to vote in conjunction with a selection of 4 PIAs categories with 3 nominees each, be sure to email us back when you receive our current newsletter. You will be placed on a list and will be contacted on Sunday, April 15 with a private link to a video consisting of the 12 Platinum PIAs nominees so that you can make your decision as to who is making the most difference in her or his community or around the world. The winners will be announced to the public via the web on the same day that the Tribeca Film Festival 2018 will be launching which is Wednesday, April 18th.

Now on to installment 1 of 7 of Guerrilla Entrepreneurship. The full title of this series is “Guerrilla Entrepreneurship: How to Be an ArtisticPreneur by Starting and Marketing a Creative Business at No or Low Cost to Monetize Your Creativity in 7 Steps.”

• The first step of Guerrilla Entrepreneurship is figuring out the problem you are going to solve in the arts. What is a problem that people who practice your art form (or are in your industry) have? Write this down.
• You are out to solve a problem. Write down problem you will solve. It is a good idea, if you can, to choose a problem that you can solve for someone while online.
• How will you describe the problem you will solve? Write a description of this problem solving that you can later use in your Guerrilla Entrepreneurship website.
• Write details of how you specifically will solve this arts problem. If you are solving the problem online, this of course takes away the need for an office and opens up your market nationally and even internationally.
• Write sales copy of your problem solving as well as make it known the kind of customer you desire, emphasizing how your problem solving will benefit her or him.
• Take the material you have generated thus far and make it into a couple of paragraphs for your eventual website.
• Write details how you are different from the competition when it comes to solving this problem.
• Write additional sentences that detail your “competitive difference.”
• Combine all sentences into a “competitive difference” paragraph.
• Write down all the things you will need to purchase to solve this problem, if any. Common expenses (unless you can get freebies) are the actual tools and materials you will need to solve the problem.
• Write a sentence about where you will get the tools and materials you will need.
• Get all the tools and materials you will need to solve problems for others.
• Another area where you might have to pay for resources is with marketing. What are the marketing elements you will need to buy? These could include creative coaching, fan-building website design, client-creating email systems, digital marketing and online education. All of these products and services are available online.
• Actually acquire all the resources you will need for marketing.
• Implement the marketing setup you need to do to get customers.
• Figure out how you are going to qualify someone to be your customer or client. If online, what pages and questions do you have that will help you and you prospect to decide if you are a fit for each other?
• Write paragraph that will help you and potential customer decide if you are a good fit for each other.
• Fine tune this paragraph.
• It is recommended that the first thing you do is get the email address of your prospect. You can do this in conjunction with offering an eBook or video for their email. That is what having a client-creating email system is all about.
• Write an outline of the eBook or video that you will create as an incentive for the prospect to sign up for your email newsletter.
• Create the eBook or video.

Promote Yourself 4 of 4

brand_4_of_4_blog_newsletterHello ArtisticPreneurs.

• This is “Promote Yourself” 4 of 4 as the final entry in the “How to Build a Personal Brand” series. From where we left off last time, you want to become your audience’s trusted source for information. Write down a strategy for becoming a trusted source.
• You also want to become helpful to others. And ultimately win their business. Write down how you can be helpful to others.
• And lastly, when you give that “helpful” energy it will come back to you in amazing ways. So list all the opportunities you have available to you to solve other people’s problems.
• Share your story from a place that serves your creativity. Authenticity equals trust. How are you authentic in your creativity? What can you do with your creative project, regardless of what it is, to share a story about it? What is that story? Please write it down.
• Now test that story on someone you trust. Do they have any feedback? If so, write it down.
• Finally, integrate some of that story into some promotional item that you have access to and is used to market yourself to others.
• You want to be sure to differentiate yourself from others by your own voice and stories and style. You need to find a match of your voice to your perfect audience. So even though we have done a lot of work in past courses with identifying your audience, get even clearer about your audience as impacted by the story you have developed.
• Build a campaign around the story. Think of ways you can get help with developing that campaign as well as how you will use media to get that story seen by others. Possible help and ways of communicating could include creative coaching, fan-building website design, client-creating email systems, digital marketing, online education and more.
• Learn all you can and then get your campaign message out there.
• Fine tune your knowledge of your expertise and start sharing. How will you share today?
• Help people get from point A to point B. You also want to choose your platform which is like your soap box. It’s your stage where you have the freedom to share with your audience. Your platform can be by doing videos online or having a blog. Which one is for you? Write it down.
• Share your creativity with your audience in the form you have chosen.
• Keep creating your content. First think in terms of the problem you want to solve for your audience. Create a step by step system on how you are going to achieve that goal. To create your brand elements you need to have a workflow. It does not mean you have to schedule every last detail for every day of the week, but you need to know the steps you take to get your branding out. List steps.
• Consider delegating some of the branding to a freelancer, employee or intern. Write how you will work with that person.
• And finally, be sure to spell check and read over any content you create before releasing it.
• Is your entrepreneurial idea aligned with your brand? Do you remain clear on the words and concepts that best describe your brand? List them once more.
• Outline a blog post using your words.
• Write and upload a blog post with your brand words.
• When you are selling it is important to realize that people buy people. As we have explored if they grow to trust you they will buy what you are selling. Re-examine exactly what it is that your are selling. Write it down.
• What are the steps you have your client go through to reach the point of her or him purchasing your wares. Write the steps down.
• Do the steps.

Yianni Stamas presents 3 of 4 How to Build a Personal Brand – Content

brand_3_of_4_blog_newsletterBelow are highlights excerpted from part 3 of 4 of “How to Build a Personal Brand,” the Art Gush online education course.

• You are working toward becoming an artist who stands for something specific and who is starting a movement that makes people feel something. Think about the artists who you admire. Chances are they are doing this. So pick an artist and emulate her or him in your own style. Now connect your single word to the feeling. Remember we came up with a word last week. Write down the word and feeling connection.
• How are you similar to the artist? Write it down.
• How are you different? Write it down.
• Remember, you have an opportunity now to share your process. Explain your art. Tell us why you created it and what it represents to you. Of course there are those who want to keep interpretations to themselves. If this is the case with you, then this can be a part of how you represent yourself. And you can always talk about other people’s art – it is good to have people you admire and want to be like. You doing this is good for your fans too, they will like your humility and willingness to complement others. Therefore think of at least three different ways you could comment on another artist’s work who you admire.
• Now stich these ideas into a blog post.
• Post the post on your blog.
• Another thing you can do in your sharing is share other things that related to your brand, you word. For example if your art is meant to empower, then you can share books, passages, quotes, photos and so forth that also evoke that word. Pick a passage of an artist you admire and post it on your social media including blog.
• Do a post about why the passage you posted prior means a lot to you and then post.
• And finally pick a picture of person you admire and post that.
• The idea is that you are the head of this movement that you are creating. You want people to experience your art and feel the word you have selected. Everything you share on social media will now be about your word. Write an outline for a “How To” piece that involves your word and will help your audience somehow.
• Flesh out the outline into a full article.
• Find a picture that represents the point you are trying to make and post it along with article online.
• You can also juxtapose the art of others to show from where your inspiration comes. Of course, the art you share of others should relate to your word. Also, you can partner up with people who believe in the same thing. Do a search and make a list of several people you find who share your interest and email them about possible collaboration. It is a good idea to pick people who have a large audience.
• Do the collaboration with one (or more) of the people where you either write an article for their site or they post on yours. Either way be sure to each link to each other.
• Make sure your article is very relevant to your word.
• People are searching for a feeling. They want a feeling to come across. It is all about feeling and sharing emotions. It can be a challenging process and one that at first may not feel as though it is succeeding. But if you narrow your focus and are persistent it will happen for you. If you do not have a logo yet decide on how you want the logo of the name of your website to look. A good way to do this is to gather logos online of the style of logo you want.
• Consider also coming up with a very brief slogan which would go under your logo name.
• Either design the logo yourself or get someone else, such as a freelancer, to do it for you.
• Remember branding consists of amplifying your message and yourself so your audience will be attracted to you. Become an expert on a specific topic that the audience needs and wants.
• Outline an informative article on this topic.
• Write the article. Post the article on your social media including blog.