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brand_1_of_4_blog_newsletterAs you’ve probably noticed our focus has changed lately to an exploration of how to “Market Creativity.” We believe that artists (musicians, writers, filmmakers etc.) deserve to learn the steps it takes to use promotional techniques to advance their creative careers as independent artists. To us the term “independent artist” means building your own audience so that you are not at the whim of your particular industry. The topic we are going to take a look at over the next four weeks is the building of a personal brand.

• The first step in succeeding with a personal brand is to stop trying to be everything to everyone.

• Ruminate over the fact that the more simple a brand is, the more powerful it is.

• Your audience is currently searching for a single word. What is that word? Once you know what that word is, you are on your way to building a personal brand.

• It is important to come to terms with the fact that a brand is more powerful the more simple it is.

• You are creating a community and a movement. What is your revolution all about?

• How will you share your passion in terms of the word with your audience? By what means are you going to take to reach them?

• You’ve got the word, so now you’ve got to figure out what you stand for. What do you stand for?

• Remember, art makes you feel something. What is the feeling you are trying to project? How do you project that feeling to your audience? What is that feeling? Anger? Calm? Powerful? Whatever it is you need to be able to write a sentence about it.

• How will you share your passion in terms of the word with your audience? What is the means you are going to use to reach them?

• Still on the topic of how you want to make people feel, how might you revise your sentence based on the core of what you are doing? For example are you making a statement for those feel “different?” How are you empowering them? How are you giving them confidence? And so forth.

• In other words a feeling of strength and empowerment for all those who dare to go down a different road? The possibilities are endless.

• What road are you taking people? To their success? Define success.

• You have the option while building an actual business to also build a persona. What is the persona you are trying to project?

• What is the reality of how others perceive your persona? What can you do to make your outward persona more of who you really are and want to be perceived as?

• You can have someone follow you around with a camera and then put it on YouTube as a way to track the evolution of your personal brand. Or maybe your brand is about introversion and being quiet. In which case you might have to figure out how to express this.

• How is your work/life balance? What is your personal life like? How does your personal life inform your outer brand?

• Can your outer brand affect your personal reality? Do you need to have a balance of the two? Or is it all the same thing?

• Do you have a hard time getting up the courage to be a brand? How might you change this?

• Artists of all kinds, regardless of your art form, sometimes have a hard time marketing themselves. But the fact is, to be successful, you’ve got to get out there and talk about yourself. How will you talk about yourself and in what setting?

• Talking about yourself can also be communicating about yourself through other means as in various marketing media types. What are your various marketing media types?

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