Method How You Can Make a Difference

Help Others

Want to “give back” because of your gratitude for the life you lead? Have you ever thought about wanting to make a difference in your community? Volunteering is a great way to do this, and whether your volunteering is done online or in-person, there are many opportunities for helping others.

Volunteer with What You are Good At

Sometimes the organization for which you are doing the volunteer work might want you to tap into your own skillset when helping out. If you are a Startup Introvert with a useful expertise, it could be requested of you that this is the area you do your assistance in.

The Key is to Help Out Any Way You Can

Of course, there are also volunteer opportunities that may have nothing to do with what you are good at. Within that context there are frequently a variety of different ways you can volunteer. Most important is to make a difference in the lives of others. Check back on the following link to soon learn how to make a difference as you grow your business!


How to Use Your Novel to Inspire Your Film

Can You Get a Development Deal with Netflix?

There are many folks who are writing novels, but not quite as many creating feature films. Have you written a novel? Have you been thinking of making it into a motion picture? Truth be told, this process is a lot more involved than you may want to to take on. Unfortunately the times of creating a digital film for Netflix have come and gone. Netflix is now producing their own movies and unless you can get a development deal under their brand for your picture, the reality is that it is going to be difficult to be shown on their streaming platform that has a built in audience of subscribers.

The Old Days Made Things Easier

Remember the the home made low budget thrillers that used to be released bu the now defunct companies such as Blockbusters? This was a time where literally you could grab a camera and film your novel leading to likely getting distribution for it. Home video was eating up content and wanted more and more. People then were more accepting then about getting a roughly made thriller. In the past we used to interview people who made movies literally but doing long takes, with very little editing, next finding a spot for their product on the now defunct Blockbuster.

Getting Your Creativity on Amazon

So what are your options today in terms of self publishing your novel and then getting distribution for the film you make based on your novel? The answer is self publishing and self distribution. You see, once your novel is completed you can put it on Amazon quite easily, to to their site for more information. And using self distribution to get your feature film online is also simple. You could put on Amazon also.

Do You Niche Products?

In other words it is a breeze to publish your novel and get distribution for you movie. The hard part is doing the MARKETING for prompting people to actually PURCHASE you eBook novel or PAY to see your movie in streaming format online. It is not impossible though, especially if you have a niche product on a topic that is of interest to a certain faction of the market that is underserved.

The Solution

In other words, find out an area of interest for which there are people who are looking for books on that subject manner and films as well. Then you can use SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and social media and search ads to attract interest and sell you book and motion picture online.


Life is Our Creation

Everyone is Creative

Lights Camera Read was created with best of intentions trying to bring USA Creativity to the forefront for young people. If the youth read books and hold creativity in high regard, they will discover that EVERYONE is Creative, no matter who they are.

Learning in the Library

Creativity is both good and bad personified, so even those who are not thought of as creative, can participate. It is a state of mind. It is a jumping off place. Back when Lights Camera Read was first initiated it was the Inwood Manhattan’s Library the partner of choice. Several exciting events for kids were done at various libraries.

Bye Bye Library

All was going well, even giving birth to an awards show that celebrates the best in human nature, those who are making a difference. But then that all changed. It was decided it was okay to knock down the current Inwood library, with the promise that when the new condos come to be, there will still be a place to dream. American Creativity. The best of intentions.


The Evolution of Lights Camera Read

Over the years, Lights Camera Read has evolved from an organization that did their activities in the New York Public Library for kids that has evolved into an educational resource for workshops and other forms of educational activities, now largely for adults. For example, Lights Camera Read recently worked with Home Business Achievers to create eBooks.


What’s Your Elevator Pitch?

We want to hear YOUR elevator pitch!

The Challenges of Managing Multiple Websites

It’s been challenging to say the least to update on a daily basis the more than 30 client and in house websites that I manage. And now with the new website USAcreate, we have more sites than ever.

Finding the Motivation

But I’m starting to find an uber motivated way to get the job done. I’m trying to develop content that I would find useful and therefore hopefully the reader also will find interesting and useful.

Your Life is Your Inspiration

Additionally, I am “monetizing” and/or “leveraging” my life both personally and professionally. In acting class you learn the concept that if you feel it, the audience is more likely to feel it. But it’s a hard thing to pull off. Though, I am not backing off from the challenge.

Elevator Pitches

Here is an example of an update at Entertainment Entrepreneurship for those in that space. The topic is elevator speeches. Having a good elevator speech can make the difference between getting or not getting someone as your customer, client or fan.

What’s YOUR Story?

What’s your story? We want to know because with our over 30 websites on the World Wide Web, we’re constantly looking for interesting content. What’s your elevator speech?

Entertainment Entrepreneurship


Entertainment Entrepreneurship is the New Norm
Entertainment Entrepreneurship is the New Norm

There was a blog entry recently on the site regarding the topic of, what else, Entertainment Entrepreneurship and the belief that there’s no business that’s not in show business. The post on Entertainment Entrepreneurship can be found here. Lights Camera Read agrees with the belief that there is no business that’s not in show business and recognizes the greater potential for success if one’s blog and business borrows from this concept.

Entertainment Entrepreneurship – There’s No Business that’s NOT in Show Business

Get More Customers, Clients and Fans with Entertainment Entrepreneurship

If you are an entertainer or an artist or even a small business owner, you can benefit from the Entertainment Entrepreneurship gold rush pandemonium that empowers you to get more customers, clients and fans. The suggestion is to start a blog on which you can then load up with Entertainment Entrepreneurship elements including catchy videos, animated gifs and quizzes.

Steps to Getting New Customers, Clients and Fans

Video Film Web Components Can Entertain Your Customers

To develop your blog there are many free options as well as paid ones such as the video producing, web designing, digital marketing and blogging services offered at Video Film Web. Although Video Film Web as a company officially closed in 2013, its website is still online and acts (Entertainment Entrepreneurship pun intended) as a hub for finding freelancers who can help you build your blog with Entertainment Entrepreneurship components.

About Creative People in Business Who Create Community Through Media

You Need a BigFoot Zombie (Figuratively Not Literally)

Let’s face it, we live in an era of the very short attention span known as ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder). Many of us spend an awful lot of time on our cell phones seeking instant gratification or some form of entertainment or affirmation. There are those who believe that we are addicted to our phones. Therefore if you build an Entertainment Entrepreneurship type blog, you’re going to want to be sure that it is mobile friendly as well as keeps your readers engaged. A suggestion is to surprise them by throwing in the occasional BigFoot Zombie or Loch Ness Monster.

Stamas Bros Deny Photo is of the Loch Ness Monster also Known as Nessie of the Scottish Highlands

Yes, it’s Come to This

An interesting side note is that statistically speaking, most of you reading this article on the subject matter of Entertainment Entrepreneurship will not even make it to this, the second to the last paragraph. You might have, with all earnesty, started reading this but then may have stopped doing so because we lost your attention. So sorry. So we’re going to add an animated gif right now to hopefully reignite your interest or at least draw your attention to this area in case you are about to leave this page. For those of you who made it this far, good job!

Is your business ready for the video, film and web paparazzi?
Is your business ready for the video, film and web paparazzi?

CTA or Call to Action

And as long as we are on the topic of keeping readers reading, we want to add the importance of CTA or Call to Action. Every blog entry should have this. It consists of asking your reader to do something toward the end of your post. In our case we want to encourage you to contact Video Film Web regarding their very affordable video producing, web designing, digital marketing and blogging services. So right here is a link to the contact page of the Video Film Web website. Or, here is the link to the Lights Camera Read contact form if you are an introvert.


ArtisticPreneur and the Art Gush and Lights Camera Read Connection

artists-in-controlWe get asked, what our connection is with Art Gush. Here now is the answer. Lights Camera Read for several years produced DigiComArts workshops at the New York Public Library in branches including Inwood, Morrisania, Grand Central and Columbus. While creating these workshops the decision was made to do online versions of them, hence Art Gush was formed. Lights Camera Read continued to produce educational installments but now on the Art Gush platform which as of this writing now has nearly 100 courses. Due to the fact that the mission of Art Gush was to help creatives become ArtisticPreneurs the site was established.

ArtisticPreneurs is a safe place for ArtisticPreneurs to learn what it means to be an ArtisticPreneur.


Are you a creator?

nyccreateAre you a creator? Are you an artisticpreneur? Then you might be interested in NYC Create. NYC Create is the “rebranding” of this website (Lights Camera Read) and the newsletter “NYC Make a Difference.” It was developed to simplify for the user the benefit of being able to learn more about how to promote her or his artistic career and build her or his audience. As you likely already know, having an audience is the most important thing that you can do for yourself as a creator. When you have an audience it means you have negotiation power as well as have an entity to be able to market to. A perfect example of this kind of success can be seen i modern day politics. Just be sure not to use your power for evil! NYC Create gets you on the good track with a newsletter that shows you step by step techniques for taking your creative career to the next level!


Using Social Media for a Campaign

07_to_social_or_not_to_social_email• Should you use social media as an audience building tool? To social or not to social? That is the question. What role does social media really play in your campaign? When we buy something we do so because we believe that it is something that is going to do something for us. If you decide to use social media does your message reflect this in terms of being desirable to the prospect?

• And when you are communicating this message on social media, how do you do it so that it does not come off as too aggressive?

• It is recommended that you use social media as a way to engage with your customers (though you could do this with email) as well as a means of showing the association of what you do to others.

• The mistake that many make when using social media is to try to close the deal using it. Although this can sometimes work, in general it is a good idea to use social media as a way of communicating new information to your fans and customers and engaging with them.

• It is most importantly a method of engaging the customer. Ask questions after communicating a useful idea.

• Remember, marketing is a work in progress process. You keep refining as you go. Learning from what works and what doesn’t. Are you making it relevant to the customer as something that matters to her or him?

• You need to break through the noise. Your product needs to have a clear use. You have to raise the bar to stand out in the crowd. And social media can help you with this, though, as we have mentioned, it needs to be done in a way that engages the client so that it is interactive.

• Take the emphasis off from boasting about your accomplishments to asking the audience questions. This doesn’t mean you can’t tout your accomplishments but it is all in how you communicate this message.

• The emphasis needs to be on sharing.

• You need to appeal to your audience’s core desire and fears. Do you understand fundamentally what they want?

• You want the interaction on social media to resonate with your prospects?

• When you ask questions of your fans it can be from either a place of fear or comfort. Both can be powerful but the trick is in knowing when to use which one.

• There is what they want as well as what they don’t want. Both work. Have you tried an approach of having them use a product or tool for what they don’t want?

• Can your product or service prevent what they don’t want from happening?

• Social media communications need to get to the root of their desires and fears.

• If your audience is coming to you and saying “This is what I’m afraid of, this is what I don’t want” then this is the approach you are going to want to use with them.

• Listen to how they engage with you via social media.

• If they are saying “I want this and want to become it” then that is the message that matters.

• In closing out of this week of social media we think it’s important to mention the use of ads. In the past we’ve talked about the effectiveness of them. You need to assess if your marketing budget can handle this.

• With social media ads always keep it short and sweet. You need to be communicating a message that is going to immediately catch the attention of the user either from a place of fear or comfort. The reason that ads do so well of course is because this in the end is the point of most social media – to market to a demographic.

• And since many social media sites don’t allow you to reach a vast audience organically, you may find occasions when ads make sense. Whatever message it is that you communicate through social media, make sure it is consistent and of use to your audience.


John Yianni Stamas on Building Your Audience

who_is_your_audience_made_easy_emailTime to go back to the central idea – who? Who is your target audience?

If you want to build your audience it is highly recommended that you start an email newsletter. Even if this task sounds daunting, or if you think you have nothing to contribute – think. Everyone knows something about a certain topic. Uncover your topic and you have taken the first step toward building your audience through your newsletter.

Do you have a topic you are passionate about? Chances are that, that passion translates to you being an expert in something. Who could use this expertise? Remember, as long as you know more than your audience about a certain topic, you are an expert. Or even if members of your audience know more than you do, your job in that case is to help to remind them of what they know.

Breaking the idea of “Who?” down. Be very specific and look at what they do to achieve their wants. What is their problem? Your product, service or newsletter needs to be a solution to that problem. Sometimes the question “Who is my audience?” can be achieved through doing reverse engineering. Look first at your expertise then think in terms of what problem does your expertise solve for your audience?

Next you want to think about “Where?” Where am I going to find these people in their highest concentration? If you have started a blog on the topic of your expertise, you can approach prospective members of your audience online and ask them if you can do a story on this person in regards to her or his particular path. Integrating future audience members into your blog can be a win-win situation because you gain an audience member and ally and she or he gets some web publicity.

The key here is not big numbers but rather, audience-specific niches. Where do these very specific audience members get their information? If you are having a hard time figuring this out, start doing searches online in regards to key words that relate to the topic. This is a brainstorming session. Inserting key words into a search engine will provide you with fresh insight into locating your audience. Or, the key people behind the websites you discover could be future stories and interviews for your blog.

So “Who?” first and “Where?” second. Once we know where they are, ask yourself the question “What are their buying habits?

Consider going to the place where your customers are located. You may even uncover a future partner who reaches the same audience as yours.

If this is the case you could even offer a co-promotional venture for which you do an interview with this blogger and she or he does an interview with you.

Now we are at the “What?” What is it that they actually want to buy? We cannot stress enough that you want to think in terms of your solution to your audience’s problem. This will answer your question of “What?” The “What” is your solution.

How is your solution transmitted? Do you have an online ebook containing the solution or will you write one? Writing an ebook, although this may sound like challenging task, can actually be made more simple through “re-purposing.”

Chances are if you’re a blogger that you already have on your blog a lot of tips on your solution. This means that you can convert your blog entries into an ebook. Your audience will appreciate getting the solution they need all in one place. Truth be told, there are very few new ideas. Therefore your ebook might be reminding your audience of what they already know. This affirmation can give your audience the courage to pursue whatever it is that you are writing about.

Get specific in what your offer has to be to come across as desirable to that audience.

Finding a way to tap into being desirable to your audience is as easy as tapping into your own passion. If you are excited about your topic, you will be able to come up with reasons as to why your audience will want to purchase your item.