How to Raise Funds for a Creative Project

think-outside-the-boxDo you have a creative project you’d like to get funding for? There are basically two ways of going about this – the for-profit method and the nonprofit approach. Both are workable and depend on the unique needs of your project. Both require a certain amount of business acumen, which you as an artist entrepreneur should always be striving for. Also, both tactics involve forming entities, so you should get the advice of a good attorney who does this kind of thing (since we’re not lawyers).

The for-profit model works well if your project looks like it is going to be profitable. Then you can, in good conscience, involve investors. To get investors these days requires having taken the project down a path so to speak wherein it has shown it can make a profit. This may sound like catch 22 – how do you make money to show investors you’re making money if you don’t have investors in the first place? If this is true of your project you may want to consider the nonprofit technique.

Nonprofit basically means you have a 501(c)(3) status or you have gotten a nonprofit umbrella (fiscal sponsorship) from an organization that does. Going with an umbrella can be a good choice if you are just starting out and means you can accept grants and donations, plus your donors get a tax write-off. This is the preferred process for doing movies in the current times, since it’s tough to make good with investors on the for-profit method. Though, in the case of a movie or any other kind of creative project, if you go the non profit route you need to make sure it it has a noble cause such as social justice.

Celebify Yourself

Celebify to us means to celebrate artists who are making a difference and to help them to stop being starving artists.

That’s also a key aspect of our mission at Lights Camera Read.

Last week we asked you if you thought “Movie Process” was a good alternative name for the new direction our organization is taking which now has an emphasis on filmmaking.

First off, thanks to everyone who responded. Getting your feedback is extremely helpful. Surprising to us was that most of you did not like the term “Movie Process.” We got responses like “It leaves me cold.”

So we are providing you with another possible title which is “Celebify.” Do you like that name? Let us know!

Also, we are in the thick of shooting “Thrillumentary” using the Art Gush three-steps-a-day approach.

So far so good but the weather for filming has not always been cooperative. What do we do? Forge ahead and make it a “rainy day scene” instead!

In other words, when your are engaged in the starving artist transformation process, you can make challenges into lemonade!

May today get you one step closer to not being a starving artist!

Movie Process

movie process small - no more starving artistsThe mission of Movie Process – an organization with a nonprofit umbrella – is to have no more starving artists by empowering actors and other kinds of storytelling artists to make a difference in their communities through programs without charge or at a low cost including filmmaking and business education, communal movie making, an annual community awards show and an alliance of blogs plus a newsletter that together reach thousands of actors and artists monthly with content that consists of hope for the arts, making a difference as well as strategies to work toward “No More Starving Artists.”

This means you can learn the movie process of how to fund, make, market and distribute your very own film using the simple Art Gush System that involves no crew, no budget and can be made using a mobile phone. Or be cast or work on “Thrillumentary,” the ongoing web and movie series that harnesses the Art Gush approach. Or be nominated as an artist making a difference in your community for a Platinum Pias Award. Or be featured in one of the over 25 blogs plus newsletter in the Lights Camera Read blog alliance reaching over 15,000 creative individuals monthly with strategies focused on “No More Starving Artists.”

Would you like to learn a new and easier way to fund, make, market and distribute feature films to showcase what you do? Or how about participating as an actor or artist in the making of a movie that is using this technique? Or have you ever envisioned yourself winning an award for making a difference in your community? Plus, when it comes to blogs, do you have something to contribute to the “No More Starving Artists” dialogue which might be of interest to our writers and their audiences reaching thousands?

Imagine a world with no more starving artists. That’s the goal of Movie Process where you can learn to make films, act in or put your art in a movie, win an award and reach thousands – all this while making a difference in your community locally and internationally. These are all activities that Movie Process is involved with. The reason that Movie Process programs are without charge or at a low cost to you is because they are privately funded by arts supporters.  Programs include education, projects, awards, blogs and a newsletter all of which are aligned with the theme “No More Starving Artists.”

The best way to start on your Movie Process adventure toward no more starving artists is to sign up for the weekly Movie Process newsletter. As a newsletter recipient you will be kept up to date on all the latest happenings at Movie Process. And when something strikes your fancy – such as a filmmaking scholarship opportunity, movie audition, chance at an awards nomination or the seeking of content for blog articles – you can then jump right in.

So sign up now for the Movie Process newsletter and make your own film or work on a group cinema project or be nominated for an award or be featured in popular blogs or maybe even all of the above. It’s as easy as going to Movie Process. So let’s get started creating a world with no more starving artists beginning by signing up for the Movie Process newsletter .

Yianni Stamas looks at Ivanka Trump and other Relatives of Billionaires in Terms of the Arts.

Hi. I’m Yianni Stamas. I’m a filmmaker, educator and artist advocate concerned about the arts and the role that they will continue to play in our country.

Ivanka Trump and the Arts
Ivanka Trump and the Arts

All kinds of questions are swirling around Ivanka Trump and her role in the White House. Such is the kind of interest in those who are related to billionaires. We at Movie Process recently indirectly came into contact with the sister of a billionaire!

We had approached this billionaire’s sister with questions about her part in the arts, which is a topic that many creative individuals are curious about.

The questions we asked had to do with getting to the bottom of the role that the arts play in the lives of the wealthy.

These same kinds of “Arts” questions are leveled at Donald Trump but he never really answers them. What are his views about the arts and how are they important/not-important to him?

We pledge to continue to seek out billionaires and other tastemakers with arts questions. Stay tuned for the answers!


Housing for Artists

ensemble2Although it may seem at times like auditioning for a closed jazz ensemble, affordable housing for artists is actually available in the Big Apple.

Are you an artist living in New York City who is looking for affordable housing? If yes, then there’s a new website from Lights Camera Read that could be of interest to you.

It’s called “NYC Housing Lottery” at and it’s all about a journey to find affordable housing in NYC.

It is a series of ever evolving blog entries where you are shown step by step what you can do to navigate the New York City housing world and get a great apartment.

Lights Camera Read is doing the website because it fulfills a part of their mission which is to empower performing artists. We hope this is is relevant and interesting to you. Enjoy!

Also, in tandem with “Housing for Artists” is an educational program we developed in 2016 called “Funding for Artists.” Details about this program can be found in Lights Camera Read’s 2016 Annual Report, excerpts from which are in the following blog entry:

Yianni Stamas Funding For Artists and Year’s End LCR Report

ring-of-film-2Hello all.

At Lights Camera Read in 2016 we created a new “Funding for Artists” presentation among other exciting projects.

2016 was a terrific year for Lights Camera Read in terms of fulfilling our mission which is to promote literacy and empower emerging performing artists. Our reach and transformation was primarily online, connecting with over 64,000 artists monthly (or over 768,000 annually) though our cooperative of blogs and vlogs.

Our primary challenge though, was one that is quite common in the nonprofit world, which is – funding. So rather than sitting in the sidelines wringing our hands, we took action. Our strategy is simple, continue to serve our demographic (emerging performing artists) while simultaneously increasing our visibility in regards to need.

We created two educational programs “Funding for Artists” and “Thrillumentary Investment in Movies.” Both are designed to teach creative individuals to be action oriented artist entrepreneurs and make opportunities happen for themselves. Because we come from a for-profit world, entrepreneurship is an important concept to us.

“Funding for Artists” and “Thrillumentary Investment in Movies” are works in progress and manifest themselves in the form of forwarding domain names ( and as well as PowerPoint presentations.

The PowerPoint presentations are currently available through individual online digital appointments and we plan to take them to the State University of New York and CUNY environment in 2017. In 2016, at a SUNY “entertainment entrepreneurship clinic” we presented the “Funding for Artists” presentation with very positive feedback.

We also launched new and improved versions (WordPress) of our websites:,, plus premiered an interactive educational site,

The Platinum Pias Community Awards Show for Artists (who are making a difference) is a program we have been producing annually since 2010.

“Thrillumentary” is the learning tool feature length film we are making with Lights Camera Read emerging actors from the Magic Neighbors Theater Company.

Art Gush is the educational site that takes the day to day activities of producing “Thrillumentary” and makes them into online courses that teach artists how to make a feature film in just three steps a day in less than two years.

Art Gush has been developed as a members-only membership site with beta tester scholarships given to individuals on a lottery basis.

So as you can see we were very busy in 2016, and now with the themes of “Funding for Artists” and “Thrillumentary Investment in Movies” at the forefront of our plans, we are quite hopeful for 2017.