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Technical Aspects of Writing an eBook

Possible Alternative to Donations

Groups, especially nonprofit ones, are often seeking new ways to bring in donations. One path that few travel but could be profitable is to create your own eBook for sale. In the post before last we explored writing an eBook, so now we are looking at creating one in terms of the technical aspects involved.

Promoting Group

You are going to want to promote your your group and therefore might want to consider setting up for digital downloads.

There are various ways that you can harness the power of Online Marketing and the tools that go with it. There are two basic ways to implement this part of the sequence of events. The first is to use eCommerce in the conventional approach which is the selling of a physical product. The term physical product means that the customer will order a product on your website and you will then send it to her or him as a package. If you have physical products, it is likely you will have such a system set up. But there is another kind of delivery system that is possible that we encourage you to look at: digital products.

Digital Products

Although you may believe your business to be one of physical products, there is another way that your knowledge can be put to good use: digital products. For example, you can set up a marketing system in action in conjunction with your eCommerce or Amazon approach.

Sales for Your Group

It is better to have digital products if possible that you sell in the form of eBooks, MP3 (audio) or MP4 (video). Creating such elements can be daunting if you have never done it before. But if you put your mind to it you can definitely achieve this process. The great thing about digital products is that the customer can order and then receive delivery instantaneously in the form of a digital download. This means you can fulfill an order literally as you sleep!

Future Sponsors

The key to success for this kind of delivery system means that first and foremost you need to have a great product. This is where you tap into your knowledge or that of someone you are working with. First figure out what your customers and your future clients want insight into, then serve it up to them either as a written, audio or video product.

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Guerrilla Entrepreneurship Final Installment

art-gush-presents-guerrilla-entrepreneurshipAs most of you know, Lights Camera Read members are the producers of the Art Gush online education website. We started this site as a way for artists of all kinds – including musicians, writers, filmmakers etc. – to learn that latest techniques of pursuing a career in the arts.

One of our most successful undertakings at Art Gush has been the Guerrilla Entrepreneurship series which just put up its last installment of 7. We believe that Guerrilla Entrepreneurship is the future method for creatives to make their way in the world of creativity. Guerrilla Entrepreneurship means being proactive in regards to one’s career and not waiting around for opportunities to happen buy creating them instead.

We’ve been asked what the next Art Gush topic is going to be that will be discussed at NYC Create. The next Art Gush course series is going to be “How to Make Money as an Artist.”

“How to Make Money as an Artist” will consist of 6 consecutive education modules at Art Gush and will be an in depth look at this very real problem that many artists face. A lot of folks believe that an artist cannot and should not be involved in the business side of her or his career. We here at Lights Camera Read disagree. We feel that artists no longer have the luxury of being able to create and then have their work sold by a third party. The market is too over crowded for this to work anymore, especially for emerging creators. Therefore the answer is for the artistic person to don the hat also of being an entrepreneur or the hybrid vocation which is that of artisticpreneur.

The “How to Make Money as an Artist” series at Art Gush will explore techniques for becoming an artisticpreneur and will be a must read for anyone who is thinking of becoming a professional artist. Plus, as usual, you will get weekly bullet point previews of the Art Gush content at the NYC Create blog.

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John Yianni Stamas talks about the Platinum PIAs 2018 & Guerrilla Entrepreneurship

guerrilla_entrepreneurship_1_of_7_art_gush_blog_newsletterHello ArtisticPreneurs.

Here at Lights Camera Read we’ve received several emails and phone calls regarding folks wanting to know when the next Platinum PIAs (2018) will be occurring. You’re in luck because in this blog entry we’re going to detail that, as well as will be bringing you information regarding a brand new 7 part DIY series on Guerrilla Entrepreneurship.

First off, for those who were not yet aware of this, the Platinum Pias 2018 will be expanding the scope of its audience and judging policies by being broadcast internet-only in a secret selection process. This means that ANYONE who is subscribed to the “NYC Make a Difference” newsletter can be a judge.

If you would like to be able to vote in conjunction with a selection of 4 PIAs categories with 3 nominees each, be sure to email us back when you receive our current newsletter. You will be placed on a list and will be contacted on Sunday, April 15 with a private link to a video consisting of the 12 Platinum PIAs nominees so that you can make your decision as to who is making the most difference in her or his community or around the world. The winners will be announced to the public via the web on the same day that the Tribeca Film Festival 2018 will be launching which is Wednesday, April 18th.

Now on to installment 1 of 7 of Guerrilla Entrepreneurship. The full title of this series is “Guerrilla Entrepreneurship: How to Be an ArtisticPreneur by Starting and Marketing a Creative Business at No or Low Cost to Monetize Your Creativity in 7 Steps.”

• The first step of Guerrilla Entrepreneurship is figuring out the problem you are going to solve in the arts. What is a problem that people who practice your art form (or are in your industry) have? Write this down.
• You are out to solve a problem. Write down problem you will solve. It is a good idea, if you can, to choose a problem that you can solve for someone while online.
• How will you describe the problem you will solve? Write a description of this problem solving that you can later use in your Guerrilla Entrepreneurship website.
• Write details of how you specifically will solve this arts problem. If you are solving the problem online, this of course takes away the need for an office and opens up your market nationally and even internationally.
• Write sales copy of your problem solving as well as make it known the kind of customer you desire, emphasizing how your problem solving will benefit her or him.
• Take the material you have generated thus far and make it into a couple of paragraphs for your eventual website.
• Write details how you are different from the competition when it comes to solving this problem.
• Write additional sentences that detail your “competitive difference.”
• Combine all sentences into a “competitive difference” paragraph.
• Write down all the things you will need to purchase to solve this problem, if any. Common expenses (unless you can get freebies) are the actual tools and materials you will need to solve the problem.
• Write a sentence about where you will get the tools and materials you will need.
• Get all the tools and materials you will need to solve problems for others.
• Another area where you might have to pay for resources is with marketing. What are the marketing elements you will need to buy? These could include creative coaching, fan-building website design, client-creating email systems, digital marketing and online education. All of these products and services are available online.
• Actually acquire all the resources you will need for marketing.
• Implement the marketing setup you need to do to get customers.
• Figure out how you are going to qualify someone to be your customer or client. If online, what pages and questions do you have that will help you and you prospect to decide if you are a fit for each other?
• Write paragraph that will help you and potential customer decide if you are a good fit for each other.
• Fine tune this paragraph.
• It is recommended that the first thing you do is get the email address of your prospect. You can do this in conjunction with offering an eBook or video for their email. That is what having a client-creating email system is all about.
• Write an outline of the eBook or video that you will create as an incentive for the prospect to sign up for your email newsletter.
• Create the eBook or video.

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Yianni Stamas Talks About DIY Artist Marketing

diy-artist-blogArtists of all kinds, regardless of your art form, sometimes have a hard time marketing themselves. But the fact is, to be successful, you’ve got to get out there and talk about yourself.

And the good news is that today, because of technology resources, it has never been as fun and easy.

It all starts with branding. You want to get people thinking about your work in terms of a word or a feeling. Something simple is always best.

You want to aspire to inspire others. You want your work to inspire someone to do something. All the big companies do this. They often focus less on the benefits of what they are selling and more on the feeling that the brand creates.

Imagine getting people writing you telling you how much what you do has changed their lives. That’s where you want to head.

It is like starting a dialogue – an interaction with your fans. For example, starting a YouTube channel can help make this happen. By creating a channel that helps people in some way that is related to your work, the responses in the comments can make you feel good. It can keep you going.

Don’t worry about the haters who sometimes leave messages, if you are sincere in your approach, making a new video a week can help you build a fanbase. And be sure to put keywords that relate to your work in the tags section as well as place a link back to your personal arts website.

Or take for example the newsletter you are reading. We enjoy hearing from you with your questions and feedback. This is a big part of why we keep producing.

But before doing any of this, the first thing you have to do is figure out what it is you stand for. Remember, your art makes people feel something. You have to make people feel through your art.

What is it you make people feel? Is it calm? Is it anger? Whatever it is, for starters, you want to be able to describe it in a sentence. For example, the core of what you are doing could be for all those who feel “different” you will provide empowerment. In other words a feeling of strength and empowerment for all those who dare to go down a different road. And next reduce it all down to one word. In the case of our example that word might be “Empowered.”

Once you are clear on what you stand for, you can then start some social media accounts including possibly Twitter, Facebook and a blog. Plus maybe a YouTube channel as mentioned earlier. These are all ways you can share your thoughts and feelings based on your word. Your art can come into play by drawing from it to illustrate points that you make.

You are working toward becoming an artist who stands for something specific and who is starting a movement that makes people feel something.

Think about the artists who you admire. Chances are they are doing this.

Remember, you have an opportunity now to share your process. Explain your art. Tell us why you created it and what it represents to you. Of course there are those who want to keep interpretation to themselves. If this is the case with you, then this can be a part of how you represent yourself.

Another thing you can do in your sharing is share other things that related to your brand, you word. For example if your art is meant to empower, then you can share books, passages, quotes, photos and so forth that also evoke that word.

The idea is that you are the head of this movement that you are creating. You want people to experience your art and feel the word you have selected.

Everything you share on social media will now be about your word.

You can also juxtapose the art of others to show from where your inspiration comes. Of course, the art you share of others should relate to your word.

Also, you can partner up with people who believe in the same thing.

People are searching for a feeling. They want a feeling to come across. It is all about feeling and sharing emotions.

It can be a challenging process and one that at first may not feel as though it is succeeding. But if you narrow your focus and are persistent it will happen for you.

You need to stop trying to be everything for everyone. You have a specific audience and that audience should be searching for the word that you represent. You’re not just creating your art for yourself anymore. You are creating a community, a movement.

What you are doing is sharing passion about that keyword that you have chosen. So what is your word?

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Benefits of having a Blog

benefits-blog-newsletterHave you been thinking about starting a blog but aren’t sure if it is actually going to be helpful for your career or business? What are the benefits of having a blog?

If building your organization’s or your own presence on the internet is a part of your marketing strategy, then a blog can be a great idea.

A blog can also help you with organizing yourself. The reason is that having one is much like having a time every week or so to check in with your business.

And the neat thing is that blogs and email newsletters dovetail nicely. Here’s how it works…

Let’s say you’ve decided that once a week you are going to send out an eblast as well as do a new entry in your blog. It’s a productive approach to write your blog entry first and your newsletter second.

Why? Because if you write a blog entry that is about twice as long as your your latest intended newsletter email, you can use the same content for both!

In your newsletter you use the first half of your content that leads up to a point where the reader is interested to learn more. It is at this point in your newsletter that you put a link that connects the user to your blog.

Having people click from your newsletter to your blog is good for your it in terms of showing the search engines that there is interest. This will likely help with your overall web ranking status.

More can be found on this topic in our current Art Gush edition entitled “Part 9 of 9: How to Create a Web Publication.”

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Your Mission and Vision

your-vision-and-missionThis week’s Art Gush online course that we are creating is on the topic of your vision and mission. Therefore we are going to focus this blog entry in that direction as well.

If you have a nonprofit organization, having a vision and mission is vital, but even if you run a for-profit business, a vision and mission can be helpful. Plus, if you’re a freelancer or work at a job, it is a good exercise for fine tuning your point of view to create a vision and mission.

First off what is a vision and mission and what are the differences between the two? A vision is how you would like things to be and a mission is how you are going to get there. A success pathway can be broken down even further into five phases: (1) vision, (2) mission, (3) goals, (4) strategy and (5) action plans.

For example, we make weekly online Art Gush video/PDF courses for introvert artists. Lately we’ve decided to spotlight Art Gush more. So our vision is to create a world where introvert artists are empowered by Art Gush. And our mission is to let introvert artists know there is an online Art Gush solution that can help them achieve their objectives. Our goal is to get more introvert artists to sign up, so our strategy is to use our newsletter to promote the courses. And finally our action plan is to write an article about it for our blog and newsletter.

The vision and mission process can assist you if you need to juggle multiple projects like we do. We have our online courses plus blog/newsletter as well as other undertakings to contend with. In other words we have at least three things going on at any given moment so if these endeavors can share the same vision and mission – or even synergize in the workflow – it can make life less confusing.

Do you have a vision and a mission? We’d love to hear from you!

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Platinum Pias Feedback

feedback2Last week we asked NYC Make a Difference newsletter readers to give us their feedback about whether or not the Platinum Pias Community Awards Show for Artists should become an online-only event so people all over the world can participate more easily. Your responses were unexpected and interesting.

Many of you clicked through from last week’s email newsletter and went to the Lights Camera Read blog where you read the full article. In the article there is mention of a cyber awards show possibly being more palatable to introvert artists so they don’t have to attend a live and crowded awards show (which is not a shy person’s idea of a good time). This seemed to resonate with lots of folks.

One suggestion we received was that we consider doing the best of both worlds and stream the show so others can enjoy. Though, a member of the Artist Introvert Revolution felt that the time had come for introvert artists to have their own awards show.

But to be clear, this is not about making the Platinum Pias introverts-only, it’s finding a way that more people can participate who don’t live near NYC. And yes, the awards being online might make it more introvert friendly.

It goes back to what the Platinum Pias are all about which is recognizing artists (introverts and extroverts) who are making a difference in their communities.

One concept that someone came up with that I thought was intriguing was to re-nominate some of the nominees who didn’t win over the last 8 (almost 9!) years. The idea being that there have been some incredibly talented and benevolent individuals who deserve to be recognized.

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Lights Camera Read

nyc-make-a-difference-logo-smallThe “NYC Make a Difference” newsletter is the official newsletter of Lights Camera Read. What is Lights Camera Read? It is an educational nonprofit sponsored organization that has the mission to help introvert artists of all kinds (actors, writers, musicians, filmmakers and so forth) go from being “starving artists” to artist entrepreneurs via programs online and off including “Platinum Pias,” “Artist Introvert Revolution,” “Thrillumentary” “Art Gush” and an alliance of blogs.

We believe that introvert artists can make a difference in NYC and internationally if they receive empowerment. The empowerment that Lights Camera Read provides is that of methodologies. Step by step approaches to tasks that normally would require an extrovert orientation. Activities include making films and promoting one’s self and one’s art.

lights-camera-read-logo-smallAt Lights Camera Read we strive to make the solutions we offer for introvert artists without the “extroversion required” road blocks that introvert artists normally experience. We hope for a world where introvert and extrovert artists can work together in harmony.

We feel that many of the globe’s troubles comes out of misunderstanding regarding the difference between introvert artists and extrovert artists. So being clear about how introverts and extroverts are the same and different is very important.

Some of you reading this are introvert artists and others are extroverts. We are very interested in your creative experiences involving introversion and extroversion coming together successfully (or unsuccessfully) in collaborations. Please let us know.

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Magic in Today’s World

cyber-magicianI was a magician from age 8 to 18. I had a good run. I developed it into a little business almost right away, performing at birthday parties, club gatherings and schools as a kid. I miss it. There was something very thrilling about learning new magic tricks and then integrating them into the act.

The culmination of my magic career at 18 was a making a feature length Super 8 film about a rock star magician that later was narrated by the then Nicolas Coppola.

But that was a long time ago and since then magic has fallen somewhat out of favor. The evolution of technology is its own kind of magic, replacing some of the wonder. Plus, just about any trick or illusion “secret” can be found online in an instant through search engines.

So what is the role of magic in today’s world? Children of a certain age still love it, Harry Potter has helped with that, but there just isn’t the same kind of market for it that there used to be. Most grownups, unless they have kids themselves, are not as willing to suspend their disbelief.

So is magic dead? Maybe. we have so many options for entertainment these days and magic is not at the top of the list unless you are in Vegas or other such places.

I had planned to continue on as a magician making it my career, but then ended up in a Hollywood movie studio at 18 as a film apprentice. This changed everything. I haven’t picked up my wand much since then except to perform for my eight year old daughter’s classes and things like that.

Has magic reached the state it has because we are too cynical to believe anymore? Again, kids enjoy it but why can’t we grownups too? Most films that feature magicians these days portray them as buffoons and a joke. The elegant era of Houdini, Thurston and others is clearly long gone.

One of my saddest moments in regards to magic in the last decade or so was while I was helping do research for a show at at a major arts institution about magic. I had tracked down a magician in New York who I had idolized as a kid in California. I straight out asked him if the thrill was gone and he admitted that it was.

But even after all this time I’m still holding onto a sliver of belief. I bought a magic book the other day and for a fleeting instant it was almost like old times.

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Artist Introvert Revolution

introvert-artist-revolutionWhat is the Artist Introvert Revolution or A.I.R.? It is an informal collective of introverted artists who believe that because of the evolution of technology that the time has come for the mantle to be passed from the extroverts to the introverts in the arts. It’s also a group that follows the Lights Camera Read mission which is to go from being an introvert “Starving Artist” to an introvert “Artist Entrepreneur.”

Notice the above mission goes from introvert to introvert and not extrovert. This is because introverts are just fine with being introverts despite extroverts sometimes trying to change them. In the past introversion has for artists limited their opportunities for creative growth and profits. No longer.

Technology has opened up a whole new world which is why John Yianni Stamas (a self proclaimed introvert who is raising an 8 year old daughter who appears to be an extrovert) is currently writing a book entitled “Web Marketing for Introvert Artists.” No social media is required to use the methodology in this book and it reveals the ultimate strategy for using online resources to profit while simultaneously promoting your creative career.

Of course there are a lot of famous people who are self proclaimed introverts who have all figured out ways to cope with extroverts and become successful desptite being introvert artists. These folks include Salma Hayek, Jessica Simpson, Johnny Depp, Jessica Alba, Nicole Kidman, Britney Spears, Keira Knightley, Lady GaGa Courtney Cox, Beyoncé and even – believe it or not – Kim Kardashian.

To try to uncover the method of how these people became successful despite being introverts would require looking at each one individually. Thankfully with the onslaught of technology there now are opportunities for introvert artists of all kinds – actors, filmmakers, musicians, writers and more – to come out of the ivory tower and into the control tower.

Needless to say it helps to have a little bit of acumen for technology which makes navigating the Artist Introver Revolution system easier.

Are you an introvert artist? Then join A.I.R. today and stake your claim for your piece of the arts pie! For more on this article please visit the official “artistintrovertrevolution” page.