Creating a System with Lights Camera Read

Developing a System

It’s been fun working again with the old Lights Camera Read crew who have joined up with the force behind “How To Get New Clients.” They, with my participation, have been pursuing uncovering the secret of how to create an Automatic Client Acquisition System or ACAS.

A New Website Helps

Along with the Inwood Manhattan faction, we’ve been communicating on a regular basis hoping to make this thing into a reality. The real breakthrough came when actually creating the website called “How to Get New Customers” at

The Film Helped Us Sort Things Out a Bit

The ideas were coming fast and furious and we were documenting them but we had so many ideas it was hard to know which ones to keep. It’s kind of like seeing “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood.” A great film that I enjoyed a lot but there was this one scene that took place inside the car of the hippies where they refer to what Charles Manson wanted them to do.

Cutting a Scene

Now I understand why Tarantino has the scene in there. It is so that the people who don’t know the story of Mr. Manson will be cued in that the hippies are following his orders. But really, this had already been established in an earlier scene. So the car scene kind of falls flat in my opinion. I feel it could be cut and would make the picture better because the audience would have to work a bit more.

A Movie and a System

So the way that the film relates to what we are doing is that at this point we don’t know which “scenes” to cut. We have too much stuff at this point. Literally folders filled with text and more text, and diagrams and more diagrams. The secret is within the mix but we have to bring it out. We need some cool out time in Inwood Manhattan!

Getting “Fresh Eyes”

I should mention though, I am confident that we will figure out this system. We know it is buried in there somewhere. And to get there is probably to stop the 12 days (or more) ruminating on it maybe getting some distance so we can come back to it with fresh eyes. “How to Get New Clients” has a tireless team, so it is only a matter of time…

Wanna Be a Beta Tester?

Some of you have been asking when our estimated completion time is. We don’t know. It could be a month. It could be a year. But the instant we’re ready we are definitely going to communicate with you because we’ll need beta testers!

By Lights Camera Read

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