Discover Your Audience with John Yianni Stamas

discover-your-audienceDiscovering who your audience is, is a critical step but how do you do it? This is the question being raised in the first of 9 installments that we are currently working on for our latest Art Gush online course series entitled “How to Create a Web Publication.”

Figuring out who your demographic is and sticking with it can be tough. When we first started the “NYC Make a Difference” newsletter we figured our readers were artists in a general sense including writers, actors, musicians, filmmakers and so forth. But as we’ve progressed over these years, we’ve come to find out that many of you aren’t just artists but are introvert artists.

Let’s say you’re an introvert artist and have an artistic project or business for which you want to communicate with your audience. The question becomes how do you define your audience? Plus most importantly, once you know who your audience members are, how do you reach them? These are possibly the two most important questions you can ask yourself regardless of whether you’re an introvert artist or extrovert artist.

First off let’s look at one strategy for defining your audience: the suggestion is to stay close to home. In other words consider seeking out an audience that is much like you. Why does this make sense? Because it enables you to more easily know what your audience wants in terms of likes, dislikes and interests.

What about actually getting your message in front of your audience? This is where it gets harder. But again, if your audience is much like you, you can ask yourself questions such as “Where might I visit online to find other people like me?” The internet locations you come up with can be included as targets in your audience development plan. It all starts with properly defining your audience in the first place.

For example, the team behind the Lights Camera Read website and it programs, consists of introvert artists. But ironically, defining our audience as introvert artists wasn’t what we thought to do initially. We figured we would try to connect with artists in general.

Discovering our audience is primarily introvert artists rather than just artists, leads us to telling you about another tip regarding uncovering your audience: “Be as specific as possible regarding who you are trying to reach.”

So let’s say you know the places on the web your audience frequents. Next you might want to ask yourself “How will I get a presence in those places so that those visiting the sites will click through to me?”

Another approach to audience development is to work toward ranking on search engines for various keywords. These keywords should reflect searches that you believe your target demographic will type into search engines. This is called SEO or Search Engine Optimization. You can learn more about the term SEO and how to do it by conducting a web search.

So there you have it, a couple of different ways to discover your audience.

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