Hello Creative Businesses & Artists – Here is How to Craft Your Offer

05_craft_your_offer_email• Hello Artists and Creative Business Owners, whether you are promoting your career or business when crafting your offer think in terms of “results.” Results can include solving the problem of the client or fan or in the case of artists – entertaining or engaging. With this in mind, write down how your product/service/entertainment provides results for your clients/fans.

• Remember, when selling yourself or your business it’s not about the tools or features but has to do with the benefits. What are the benefits to others when looking at your art or using your product or service? Make note of your response.

• It’s also about problem solving. How does what you do solve a problem? Be sure to remember this for future activities.

• When crafting the offer you want to think about the value you are providing. Does the value of what you do match the price you charge?

• Hopefully you give more value than what you charge. How is this true for you specifically?
• What are the motivations of your consumer? Be sure to be clear on this.

• Exploring the motivation of your audience member or client can often be reduced to answering the question “why?” Why should they want to engage with you?

• Remember, they are putting down their hard earned cash so how is this exchange going to delight them?

• Is there a fun aspect to what you do? Explore this.

• Examine this from another perspective. Frame what you are doing through these questions “Who” comes first, “Where?” is the second, “What?” is the third, and “Why?” is the fourth. Can you answer all these questions as they relate to your offer?

• Keep going back to understanding whom your audience is as you fine tune the campaign for your offer.

• Revisit the motivation of your target. What are their needs and wants?

• Take a gander again at your “How?” What is the means of you getting your message to your audience? Does it involve more than one contact? What are the ways you build trust with your subject?

• Describe in detail the levels and media involved in reaching out to your prospect. Think of it as a plan. What are the steps in this plan?

• Put yourself in your audience’s shoes. If you were him or her would you follow the bread crumbs to your offer?

• Another way to think about getting your message out is understanding the fact that often your audience will determine the medium. Where do they hang out? How do they seek out what they want?

• Do they get to your offer through social media? Do they find what you are selling via a series of emails?

• Even though much of what we’ve gone over may sound repetitive, keep in mind that communication is an ever evolving concept. Make note of your communication style and ask yourself does it suit your message and is it the best possible way to contact and motivate others to take action on your offer?

• Now that you have crafted your offer, soon it will be time to launch it. Go over your offer for spelling and other mistakes.
• Read your offer out loud – does it convince you to buy?

• If you can, test your offer on members of your target demographic and revise from there.

By Lights Camera Read

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