Housing for Artists

ensemble2Although it may seem at times like auditioning for a closed jazz ensemble, affordable housing for artists is actually available in the Big Apple.

Are you an artist living in New York City who is looking for affordable housing? If yes, then there’s a new website from Lights Camera Read that could be of interest to you.

It’s called “NYC Housing Lottery” at and it’s all about a journey to find affordable housing in NYC.

It is a series of ever evolving blog entries where you are shown step by step what you can do to navigate the New York City housing world and get a great apartment.

Lights Camera Read is doing the website because it fulfills a part of their mission which is to empower performing artists. We hope this is is relevant and interesting to you. Enjoy!

Also, in tandem with “Housing for Artists” is an educational program we developed in 2016 called “Funding for Artists.” Details about this program can be found in Lights Camera Read’s 2016 Annual Report, excerpts from which are in the following blog entry:

By Lights Camera Read

The mission of Lights Camera Read is to help "starving artists" to become artist entrepreneurs.