How to Build a Personal Brand 2 of 4

brand_2_of_4_blog_newsletterThe following is a continuation of where we left off last week in our special “How to Build a Personal Brand” series.

• Review deciding what feeling you want your brand to evoke and write it down.
• Write more about that feeling.
• Now connect your single word to the feeling. Remember we came up with a word last week. Write down the word and feeling connection.
• Write down the benefits of your brand.
• Write down how your brand will inspire others.
• Write down an image for your brand.
• Write why people might seek out your brand.
• What is the good you do with your brand?
• Imagine getting people writing you telling you how much what you do has changed their lives. That’s where you want to head. It is like starting a dialogue – an interaction with your fans. For example, starting a YouTube channel can help make this happen. Create a channel that helps people in some way that is related to your work.
• Consider starting a video channel. If you were to do this what kind of videos might you make?
• In other words a feeling of strength and empowerment for all those who dare to go down a different road? The possibilities are endless.
• Don’t worry about the haters who sometimes leave messages, if you are sincere in your approach, making a new video a week can help you build a fan base. And be sure to put keywords that relate to your work in the tags section as well as place a link back to your personal arts website.
• Make your first video and put it on your channel.
• Tell someone you trust to go to your video site and watch video.
• Get feedback regarding video from that person.
• Check to see if you have feedback on your video page.
• If you have a comment how might you respond to that comment?
• Respond to the comment. You have begun the process of interacting with your fans and engaging them with your brand.
• Once you are clear on what you stand for, you can then start some social media accounts including possibly Twitter, Facebook and a blog. Plus maybe a YouTube channel as mentioned earlier. These are all ways you can share your thoughts and feelings based on your word. Your art can come into play by drawing from it to illustrate points that you make.
• Start doing posts that relate to your word as seen by others.
• Build your social media platforms with content that relates to your word.

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