How to Find Your Soulmate


Quite some time back we made a feature film that was originally released episodically on cable television. We also created a soulmate campaign to promote the project.

Since in our newsletter we’ve been talking a lot lately about introverts and extroverts, we figured we’d bring back the soulmate quiz which is based on the personality type concept.

Why take the soulmate quiz? Because the soulmate quiz is designed to help you seek out your soulmate or to discover if you are dating your soulmate or even uncover if you hopefully married your soulmate.

It all started with “How I Broke My Love Curse” which is a feature length movie (and episodically released series) that was originally shot in 1989 and featured the Manhattan Magician, Jessica Tuck, folk singer Peter Yarrow and a coven of 13 pop rock witches.

Ironically the actual cure for breaking one’s love curse was not manifested until a decade later by filmmaker Manhattan Magician while doing his spin-off weekly “real life” Time Warner cable series known as “Diary” (which preceded MTV’s The Real World). Each week he sought the secret of finding true love which resulted in him discovering the soulmate quiz that in turn lead to his subsequent marriage.

If you would like to take the soulmate quiz yourself simply email the publishers of this website and we will send you the information. Once you fill out the soulmate quiz we will be able to tell you the personality type of your soulmate so you can determine if you are currently with your soulmate or be armed with the knowledge of how to find your soulmate.

By Lights Camera Read

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