John Yianni Stamas Says Use Writing to Grow Your Audience

06_writing_is_rewriting_email• Our goal with this series is to provide you the artist, entertainer or creative business, with the best information possible so that you can grow your audience of fans and clients. Let’s say you are in the midst of planning a campaign that you intend to launch soon. Ask yourself the question “How am I going to get this message to my audience?” Write down the first things that come to mind.

• If you wrote “influencers” this is a good choice. Why? Because if you collaborate with a blogger who has influence in the area that is your market, you are extending the reach of your message.

• Figure out an influencer in your area of expertise and contact him or her. Offer to interview this person in your publication or propose a co-promotion where you both promote and link to each other. Plan on using writing you have developed thus far in this campaign. It will likely take some rewriting since “Writing IS rewriting.” Be sure to include mentions of your co-promoter. The ideal situation is that he or she writes about you and you about him or her, both of you providing links to each other.

• As we’ve mentioned, three very important aspects of a campaign are target, offer and copy. Rewrite your copy, making sure it’s offer is something that is going to resonate with your target.

• Test message on someone from your target demographic. What kind of feedback do they give you?

• Integrate the feedback.

• Retrace your steps thus far in this campaign development process and ask yourself if you fully understand what they want and why they want it.

• Decide if you are going to do a series of emails or other means of getting several messages out to your target.

• If you are going with the series of emails option, make sure that the content of each email gets better with each new correspondence.

• Fine tune your email sequence.

• Ask yourself the question “does this email series unfold logically?“

• Make any tweaks that you need to do in order to make the progression of emails make sense and tell a story.

• As you rewrite your email sequence, put yourself in the position of your target.

• Ask yourself, “would this series of emails convince me I need to get this product or service?“

• If the answer is “no” go back to the drawing board and figure out how to optimize your work.

• A good way to check your work in terms of your email sequence is to ask “does what I am offering fit into my audience member’s life?“

• Define in your series how your product or service not only solves a problem for him or her, but also fits into that person’s life.

• Fine tune your series integrating this idea.

• Look at what you are offering to your target as a tool he or she needs to solve a problem. Are you offering a desirable tool?

• Rewrite your copy to amplify the necessity of having this tool on the part of your prospect.

• Go over all your emails one at a time. Rewrite. Rewrite. You are soon to go on to the next level!

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