Lights Camera Read All Across the Country

Many Different Concepts of Lights Camera Read

At Lights Camera Read we are excited to see all the different ideas for lights camera read with library and classroom projects all over the country. Although all these programs are only connected by the term “Lights Camera Read” they all reflect the importance of education in America. It’s good for parents to be involved in their child’s education and if you are visiting or live in NYC, Manhattan Kids Guide has some suggestions of educational activities in the city.

A New York State of Mind

The mission of Lights Camera Read here in New York City, is a nonprofit sponsored organization established in 2009 (sponsored in 2014). The quest and purpose has always been to help artists as well as encourage kids to read.

Student Written Scenes

Additionally the aim is to look at the engaging process of books becoming movies. Also, much video shooting has been done of student written scenes. One in particular was about bullying. Many of them have been about other issues.

Clear Across the Country Lives Lights Camera Read

Libraries all across the country decided independently on the theme “Lights, Camera, Read.” The term means different things to different people. For example, one user of the name “Lights, Camera, Read: asked the question “Have you ever read a book and then seen the movie? Were your expectations met?.”

The Difference Between Movies and Books

A very good question indeed. In our east coast Lights Camera Read we often talked about the difference in mediums when comparing books with movies. The point that came up is that film is about “showing not telling.” And books are about “telling not showing.” A very general concept that could easily be debated, but it does seem to contain a kernel of truth.

Pinterest Anyone?

There’s even a Lights Camera Read Pinterest as well as a program on the west coast that presents itself as a cross-curricular and fun program for students which is to create digital stories. What does Lights Camera Read mean to you? Let us know. We’d love to hear from you! We’re located in Inwood Manhattan and are interested in views from all over this great country.

By Lights Camera Read

The mission of Lights Camera Read is to help "starving artists" to become artist entrepreneurs.