Platinum Pias 2017 Date Has Been Set

It’s official, the date of the 8th Annual Platinum Pias Community Awards Show for Artists has been set. This is a much anticipated edition of the popular awards show because the focus will be entirely on artists who are making a difference in their NYC and international communities.

The Platinum Pias has a come a long way since it’s humble beginnings in 2010 but still manages to keep its “community feel.”

One of the exciting aspects of this Pias is that it will feature a bit about the behind-the-scenes of the making of the theater/web/film project “Thrillumentary.”

“Thrillumentary,” as you may recall, is the endeavor that will first be a theater piece, then a web series and finally a feature film.

The 3 steps a day taken by the makers of “Thrillumentary” are documented for members only, of the Art Gush Method of Digital Filmmaking website.

By Lights Camera Read

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