Using Social Media for a Campaign

07_to_social_or_not_to_social_email• Should you use social media as an audience building tool? To social or not to social? That is the question. What role does social media really play in your campaign? When we buy something we do so because we believe that it is something that is going to do something for us. If you decide to use social media does your message reflect this in terms of being desirable to the prospect?

• And when you are communicating this message on social media, how do you do it so that it does not come off as too aggressive?

• It is recommended that you use social media as a way to engage with your customers (though you could do this with email) as well as a means of showing the association of what you do to others.

• The mistake that many make when using social media is to try to close the deal using it. Although this can sometimes work, in general it is a good idea to use social media as a way of communicating new information to your fans and customers and engaging with them.

• It is most importantly a method of engaging the customer. Ask questions after communicating a useful idea.

• Remember, marketing is a work in progress process. You keep refining as you go. Learning from what works and what doesn’t. Are you making it relevant to the customer as something that matters to her or him?

• You need to break through the noise. Your product needs to have a clear use. You have to raise the bar to stand out in the crowd. And social media can help you with this, though, as we have mentioned, it needs to be done in a way that engages the client so that it is interactive.

• Take the emphasis off from boasting about your accomplishments to asking the audience questions. This doesn’t mean you can’t tout your accomplishments but it is all in how you communicate this message.

• The emphasis needs to be on sharing.

• You need to appeal to your audience’s core desire and fears. Do you understand fundamentally what they want?

• You want the interaction on social media to resonate with your prospects?

• When you ask questions of your fans it can be from either a place of fear or comfort. Both can be powerful but the trick is in knowing when to use which one.

• There is what they want as well as what they don’t want. Both work. Have you tried an approach of having them use a product or tool for what they don’t want?

• Can your product or service prevent what they don’t want from happening?

• Social media communications need to get to the root of their desires and fears.

• If your audience is coming to you and saying “This is what I’m afraid of, this is what I don’t want” then this is the approach you are going to want to use with them.

• Listen to how they engage with you via social media.

• If they are saying “I want this and want to become it” then that is the message that matters.

• In closing out of this week of social media we think it’s important to mention the use of ads. In the past we’ve talked about the effectiveness of them. You need to assess if your marketing budget can handle this.

• With social media ads always keep it short and sweet. You need to be communicating a message that is going to immediately catch the attention of the user either from a place of fear or comfort. The reason that ads do so well of course is because this in the end is the point of most social media – to market to a demographic.

• And since many social media sites don’t allow you to reach a vast audience organically, you may find occasions when ads make sense. Whatever message it is that you communicate through social media, make sure it is consistent and of use to your audience.

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