Yianni Stamas looks at Ivanka Trump and other Relatives of Billionaires in Terms of the Arts.

Hi. I’m Yianni Stamas. I’m a filmmaker, educator and artist advocate concerned about the arts and the role that they will continue to play in our country.

Ivanka Trump and the Arts
Ivanka Trump and the Arts

All kinds of questions are swirling around Ivanka Trump and her role in the White House. Such is the kind of interest in those who are related to billionaires. We at Movie Process recently indirectly came into contact with the sister of a billionaire!

We had approached this billionaire’s sister with questions about her part in the arts, which is a topic that many creative individuals are curious about.

The questions we asked had to do with getting to the bottom of the role that the arts play in the lives of the wealthy.

These same kinds of “Arts” questions are leveled at Donald Trump but he never really answers them. What are his views about the arts and how are they important/not-important to him?

We pledge to continue to seek out billionaires and other tastemakers with arts questions. Stay tuned for the answers!


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